Auxin Solar, the American photovoltaic thumb that brought an entire sector to its knees

The complaint against China in February by Auxin Solar, a small player in the US PV sector, continues to make waves in the US. It destabilized the entire solar energy sector in the United States and prompted President Joe Biden to invoke extraordinary powers on Monday to promote “Made in the USA” solar panels. Joe … Read more

Elon Musk and China, Dangerous Ties to American Security?

Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter worries US national security experts, according to The Washington Post. In question: the links between the Tesla Group, which belongs to the millionaire, and China. According to them, this operation would risk turning Twitter into a megaphone for anti-American propaganda in Beijing. When Elon Musk confirmed, in mid-April, that … Read more

How do you use VPNs and still access some censored websites?

Without VPNs, your internet connection could easily be discovered or monitored by other people. These programs protect your browsing history, live online media views, banking details, and passwords, and are necessary to circumvent web censorship measures in place in many countries. Without a VPN device, everything you do on the web and social media can … Read more