Safe Training at the Fitness CTS Biel – Reasons why …

12.05.2022 – 12:30 ECOFORT AG (press releaseNidau, 13.05.2022) Health training conditions are an important criterion for clients when choosing a training center. Therefore ensuring air quality is an essential component and an investment in customer trust. This is why portable air purifiers should not be considered as luxuries, but rather a useful additional service for … Read more

Recommendations for restoring nature in the city in a time of accelerating climate

While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns of the urgent need for cities to adapt to the climate, a parliamentary mission calls for urban integration of nature-based solutions, which means protecting natural soils from industrialization, even in cities. Nature in the city is the source of solutions to climate change and its impacts. For … Read more

The World Conservation Conference ends with mixed results

The IUCN conference has ended after an intense week of meetings on biodiversity. What comes out of it? Satisfaction from the regulator and the French government. Joint assessment by environmental associations. The expectations of participants at the World Conservation Conference were of a level of urgency to act in the face of the collapse of … Read more