Cap Business Océan Indien and Expertise France join forces to unite the regional private sector around this critical issue

Engaging businesses in the region to work towards preserving terrestrial and marine biodiversity. This is the goal of the partnership between Cap Business Océan Indien, an association that brings together regional private sector players, and Expertise France, a subsidiary of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). A financing agreement of €700,000 was signed between the … Read more

EuroNCAP. Why does the DS 4 get two different scores on the crash test

Are there double standards in Euro NCAP? While a model like the Dacia Jogger gets the same (bad) rating across its entire range, the second-generation DS 4 appears to have received preferential treatment. He benefits from a double rating, which allows him to display either 4 or 5 stars depending on his standard equipment. This … Read more

EuroNCAP. Are cars under 3 stars dangerous?

When it was created 25 years ago, Euro NCAP revolutionized the small world of car crash testing. For the first time, these accident simulations were conducted completely independently, with cars bought off the shelves and the results made public. Very quickly, getting a good rating from this organization has become a real selling point. The … Read more