Catalonia with the family in terms of beaches, nature and culture

Costa Brava, Costa Barcelona, ​​Costa Daurada and Teres de Libre Are the four major seaside destinations in Catalonia. We know them by name, they are famous and legendary to some. Here are their idiosyncrasies, personalities and…our favorites. They all have this common feature: they are aimed at all generations. Costa Brava between the Pyrenees and … Read more

The mobile money boom: North and South Africa are still lagging behind, and here are the reasons

#The Kingdom of Morocco Africa has monopolized 70% of the world’s mobile financial transactions, estimated at more than $1,000 billion. This volume is driven by West and East Africa, while North and South are still far behind. details. Africa is the world’s leading player in mobile financial services, making a strong contribution to the financial … Read more

Post-Covid period: an opportunity to rethink your career direction?

Better understanding and building one’s career is now a requirement but it is also a state of mind. The large number of webinars and expert presentations on the topic of retraining and the meaning of work made people discover that vocational retraining is possible and available to all. People’s career paths in companies sometimes don’t … Read more