Spring weekends are overflowing with tourists, but who comes and with what money?

©Dominic Faget/AFP Atlantico Business Despite purchasing power problems, gasoline prices, and a somewhat depressing political and social climate, the French left en masse over the weekend, and it will continue to be. Hotels, restaurants and campsites are full. This industry is running at full speed, especially with the return of foreigners. Since everyone is complaining … Read more

Is the “Great Resignation” in Tourism Death?

Tormag mobile app “Tourism first and foremost is about people” Brice Dutheon, Project Director of the Southern Campus for Tourist Professions at CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, talks about the disruptions caused by the crisis linked to the coronavirus. For this expert, a big resignation is not inevitable. The transformation of organizations is ongoing and irreversible. … Read more

Where do you sleep in Florence? Ten hotels with stunning views of Lys

Choose Figaro On the banks of the Arno, Florence opens its palaces, churches, gardens and museums. To capture it as a whole, from the river to its domes and hills, here are ten panoramic titles… for views. Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, stop on the river Since 1860, guests, in most of the 92 recently renovated rooms … Read more

Catalonia with the family in terms of beaches, nature and culture

Costa Brava, Costa Barcelona, ​​Costa Daurada and Teres de Libre Are the four major seaside destinations in Catalonia. We know them by name, they are famous and legendary to some. Here are their idiosyncrasies, personalities and…our favorites. They all have this common feature: they are aimed at all generations. Costa Brava between the Pyrenees and … Read more

Between nature and wildlife

Set amidst a green setting between the Pacific Ocean and the rolling mountains in the background, Seattle welcomes you in an atypical setting. The inspiring and innovative city is regularly highlighted for its quality of life. If the urban center is often mired in turmoil attesting to its dynamism, the nature that majestically unfolds throughout … Read more

Five activities to tame the volcanoes of Auvergne

Hike the Puys Range, visit a cave dug into a lava flow, Vulcania Park… Our thoughts for family dive into these wonderful miracles of nature. Funny inscriptions disturb the land of Auvergne. Don’t make a mistake about it. These hills with hollow peaks are not mountains but ancient volcanoes that are now extinct and greened … Read more

Three budgets for three tailor-made weekends

Pamper yourself with the Pasha’s life in Marrakesh? MaybeAnd Even at a lower cost! The red city adapts to all desires. Three typical weekends to suit all wallets. Pamper yourself with the Pasha’s life in Marrakesh? Easy, even on a budget: Chameleon City adapts to all tastes. “The King’s Breakfast” and “The Poor Man’s Dinner” … Read more

Montenegro faces a future without Russian money

Montenegro has long been a magnet for super yachts, tourists and real estate speculators from Russia. But the Adriatic country has promised to side with sanctions against Moscow, and the future looks uncertain without guarantees about the flow of Russian money. In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine last month, the small Balkan … Read more

Five hotels that are really accessible for people with disabilities

New hotels are changing the rules of the game, removing steps and obstacles, for the mobility and comfort of customers in wheelchairs. In London, after investigation (and verification on the spot), we chose five addresses. For customers who use wheelchairs, travel often comes with disappointment, once they reach the place of their choice. between the … Read more