Stock Markets: Cautious Europe, Dynamic Asia

Asian markets on Wednesday received a boost from Chinese technology stocks and the reopening of the world’s second-largest economy, but concern was regaining control in Europe over an economic slowdown amid tighter monetary conditions. Read alsoBroadpeak at the gates of the Paris Stock Exchange Chinese markets buoyed by Wall Street and technology stocks on hopes … Read more

Sale dates / news / news / home

Sale dates Updated on 08/06/2022 From June 22 to July 19 The Sales start date Fixed in Wednesday June 22 to me 8 am. Sales will end on Tuesday 19 July 2022 included. Sales is an opportunity to do good business for consumers, and sell their inventory to dealers. Liquidation is the only promotional period … Read more

Is the “Great Resignation” in Tourism Death?

Tormag mobile app “Tourism first and foremost is about people” Brice Dutheon, Project Director of the Southern Campus for Tourist Professions at CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, talks about the disruptions caused by the crisis linked to the coronavirus. For this expert, a big resignation is not inevitable. The transformation of organizations is ongoing and irreversible. … Read more

Music, video, gym…Is life on cons really a good deal?

Investigation – Offers are always more numerous, including unusual services. But the backlog of these commitments could end up weighing on the budget. They are everywhere in our lives. In our home (internet, energy…), our hobbies (music, video, cinema, journalism, video games, gym…) or our travels (train, bikes, self-service scooter…). Subscriptions are now popular with … Read more

Should we continue to use Twitter?

► “Provided that you use the network without becoming a victim” Laurent Cordonnier, PhD in Social Sciences and Director of Research at the Descartes Foundation With his takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk wants to create a completely disorganized expression on the platform and break the locks of moderation. It is a very American view of … Read more

Concerns about the economy push the euro down

The conflict in Ukraine weighed heavily on the euro and European currencies on Monday, while the dollar reached its highest level in nearly two years, as investors feared the economy of the old continent and feared inflation. The possibility of Russian oil sanctions pushed the euro to its lowest level since May 2020 at $1.0806 … Read more

Over 180,000 transactions every hour in France

In France, online commerce grew by 11.9% in the first quarter of 2019. In total, nearly 25 billion euros were spent on the Internet in the first three months of the year. Growth must continue in the coming years. Buy second-hand clothing from Vinted, then your train ticket on Oui.SNCF, book a vacation home on … Read more

Online commerce weighs 100 billion euros in France, but it still lags far behind

France is behind Germany and the UK in terms of internet access as well as in terms of the number of online shoppers. Online commerce in France, whose turnover exceeded 100 billion euros in 2019, shows “delayover its European neighbors, hence the need to gofarIn the digitization of the economy, according to the government. Read … Read more

It has become a new model for business school

121 years old and still in keeping with the times. Audencia, the School of Management, is working to advance its strategy in line with the challenges of time without departing from its DNA. A distinctive identity summed up in the tenet “Audencia does not aim to be the best school in the world, but rather … Read more

EDC Paris Business School: fulfilling your developmental desires

EDC Paris Business School is a Business School Training Managers who meet the demands of tomorrow’s business world. With 70 years of experience, the school offers new career prospects to its students in primary and continuing education. Flexibility, efficiency, attitude, knowledge, that’s what companies today expect. EDC Paris Business School successfully communicates these values ​​through … Read more