taxes. Vinted, Airbnb, Le Bon Coin… Should we announce the money earned from these platforms?

You still have a few days to complete your tax return after the campaign launches in early April. If you declare your income online and live in a division between 01 and 19, you have until Tuesday, May 24. If you live in Division 20 to 54, through Tuesday, May 31, and in Divisions 55 to 974/976 through Wednesday, June 8. Salaries, rental income, tax credits…but “Should money earned on platforms like Vinted, Le Bon Coin or Airbnb be declared? If so, then when?” Louise asks.

Good question Louise. Many French people use platforms such as Vinted to sell their clothes, Airbnb to rent out their apartment or house, BlaBlaCar to offer shared cars and share costs, and Le Bon Coin to resell used items or furniture.

From the beginning, you should know that since 2019, all of these sites have a formal obligation to refer to the tax administration The amounts of income you have earned when you exceed 3000 euros or 20 sales per year. Are your profits taxable? explanations.

Should I declare income from Vinted or Le Bon Coin?

For Vinted or Le Bon Coin, these are generally spin-offs. Jeans you no longer like, an old TV or a stroller for example. “If you are selling a property that you no longer wish to keep, and these sales are occasionally and are carried out within the framework of managing your own assets, then this is not a professional activity, The Ministry of Economy explains on its website. Therefore, income from these sales is not taxable. »

However, there are exceptions. In some cases, you still have to declare your earnings from these platforms. First, if you sell jewelry, precious metals, artwork, collectibles or antiques for more than €5,000, you must declare your income. “You are then subject to the fixed rate tax on precious metals which you must pay in the month of the transfer via Form 2091.”

Then the other special case relates to the sale of goods whose price is also more than 5,000 euros, excluding furniture, household appliances or cars. The, “You are subject to the capital gains tax regime on the sale of movable property at the rate of 19%, which you must pay during the month thanks to Figure No. 2048-M”.

Do I have to declare car usage income?

If you’re offering to share cars via the BlaBlaCar mileage cost sharing platform, do you have to declare your income? No, you do not have to declare these earnings if you meet the following three conditions: “You make the trip at your own expense; the price you provide to the passengers does not exceed the costs incurred; you are responsible for a share of the costs incurred”, Can we read on the public service website.

Be careful though, “Total contributions to costs (including the portion that remains payable by you) must not exceed the costs incurred. Otherwise, income from the use of shared cars is taxed.. Furthermore, in the event of an inspection, you must be able to provide proof of the route taken as part of your car-sharing activity and the corresponding costs (toll tickets, fuel tickets, etc.).

And what about Airbnb?

If you’re renting a furnished property, even for a short time, on the Airbnb platform, the pattern is different. “The money you earn as an Airbnb host constitutes taxable income that must be declared to tax authorities which leads to tax payments and social contributions,” Refers to the statute.

Concretely, if your earnings are less than 72,600 euros per year, you can choose between two tax systems:

– either the so-called “micro Bic” system, “The simplest and most suitable for casual activities In addition to your classic return, you must complete a supplemental income tax return, Form 2042 C Pro. Then specify the amount of your income during the year on line 5 ND. You will be taxed according to the income tax scale, on 50% of your income. Obviously, You will have an automatic fee allowance of 50%, the Tax Administration explains.

– Or opt for a flat rate discount, if you meet the resource conditions. In this case, you are completing Form No. 2042 C Pro, 5TB line.

But if your annual income is more than 72,600 euros, you are automatically subject to the “real” system, which is the most suitable system for professional activities. In this case, you bear the amount of the accrued winnings in Professional Permit No. 2031-SD. You can deduct all your expenses for their exact amount by reporting them in the same ad.

taxes. Vinted, Airbnb, Le Bon Coin… Should we announce the money earned from these platforms?

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