TBS Education: Always One Step Ahead… – Toulouse Business School

First, academic excellence

Let’s be honest, all business colleges and universities demand academic excellence. But very few are able, like TBS Education, to apply without losing sight of three international accreditations – Equis, Amba, AACSB and the AAA equivalent for economists – in addition to the null renewal of the license to issue a master’s degree, which happened a few months ago. Numerous accesses that confirm the high level of the institution, but also its highly international character and the effectiveness of its training. “The first pillar of our Grande École program is the quality of our faculty,” stresses Anne Riviere. Our faculty members are recognized for their teaching but also for their research activities. And his work tells all our specialties in the third year with new knowledge. Today, the Foundation particularly values ​​three themes that are all centers of excellence: space and mobility, artificial intelligence, business analytics, and finally, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Renovated and eco-friendly campus

Another point where TBS Education has always been vigilant is the quality and modernity of its campuses. To provide the best student experience and demonstrate our consistency An innovative approach, it has always seemed necessary for us to go to modern teaching sites,” emphasizes Anne Riviere. So it was decided to undertake a complete renovation of the school’s four campuses in Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Casablanca. With the scheduled opening of the new campus in Barcelona from the next academic year With ultra-connected learning spaces, this new building will be located in a highly technological district of the city, with rooms and spaces allowing for diverse and hybrid teaching, and plenty of space to gain experience. This campus, in which a new major in digital transformation will also open, will be environmentally responsible and respectful of the environment. TBS Education’s new campuses in Paris and Morocco are supposed to open in 2023 and the new Toulouse site around 2025.

Always more international

It is clear that international level is also among the priorities of TBS Education. Today, the institution requires its students for six months outside France to validate their degree. But it’s easy to get past this minimum. It must be said that there are many opportunities in this field. Classes on campus in Barcelona or Casablanca, academic exchanges – the program has over 140 international partners – and internships in the first or third year or during the elective year in the company, there will be no shortage of opportunities to change careers. horizon during the course. Students who wish to do this can do all their training in English…


As any self-respecting management school should be able to support its students in their job search, TBS Education wants to be at the forefront in terms of professional integration. Today, more than 97% of graduates find their first job within 3 months of leaving school, with an average gross salary of 41 thousand euros. “To go further, for example, we are accelerating our efforts in favor of work-study,” adds Anne Riviere. Only by supporting the natural increase in student demand and work needs will we automatically have more students to work and study in the next academic year. “In the next academic year, the Foundation will also give work and study students the opportunity to study in Paris starting in year M1. “Many companies are already hosted by Ile-de-France companies. So it seemed natural to us to let them study in the capital rather than go back to Toulouse for their courses. Five Master of Science degrees will also be offered based on work-study in Paris in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Management Control and Strategy. In total, 15 of the school’s 27 MSc students will open for work-study programs next year.

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