Ten start-ups to move tourism lines in 2022

Fairmoove: responsible, positive and joyful tourism

The 2022 trend for responsible tourism is embodied in this new online travel agency, with three values: environment, ethics and immersion. The wave of “travel shame” that has hit social networks since the pandemic has no place in Fairmoove. The company promotes positive tourism that is as responsible for the environment as possible.

To do this, a team of 50 experts travels across the four worlds in search of hotels with a strong CSR strategy, no matter how many stars they have. A rigorous selection of institutions takes the guesswork out: Fairmoove’s editorial content is 100% original, informative, honest and transparent to guide travelers and offer them responsible travel.

At the head of the agency we find Jean-Pierre Nader, founder of Easyvoyage, accompanied by Corinne Louison (Production Director, former Directors) and Arthur Courtinat (CEO, former Travel Division of Le Figaro). Three experts in tourism who intend to be the face of tomorrow’s travel and announce their ambitions loud and clear: “I want to cross 100 million euros in sales in five years and to place myself among the top twenty French representatives,” Jean-Pierre Nader told Le Parisien. . The startup just signed a partnership with Perfectstay, which specializes in flash and private sales. This collaboration plans to offer joint and private operations to highlight destinations committed to rational tourism and sustainable positive impacts.

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Ulysse: the best flight comparison on the market

In the highly competitive market for flight comparisons, Ulysse stands out with a clear user experience, no ads and no hidden costs. Founded in 2018 by Axel Guidicelli and Lancelot Hardel, the startup stems from their often disappointing personal experiences of booking travel.

Who has never faced the unpleasant surprise of adding a credit card at the last stage of payment, a premium rate that suddenly expired, or inaccessible customer services?

Ulysse wants to improve the booking experience for travelers with that extra spirit of efficient customer service. Now more than 450 airlines operate alongside them and the company is registering double digit annual growth. The latest fundraising of €4 million ranks it among the most promising start-ups in the French tourism sector.

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SkyBoy: time travel with interlaced reality

Founded in 2013, this startup Interlaced Reality has grown. Patented “interlaced reality”, Skyboy offers an immersive experience in partnership with national monuments or tourist offices. 360-degree video, filming with actors, special effects: SkyBoy offers an amazing journey through time to relive the June 6, 1945 landing before your eyes or see Georges Clemenceau nearly in the flesh at his home in Saint Vincent on Jard.

The smartphone allows you to watch a 360-degree movie as in the cinema or in the theater thanks to the superimposed reality. Since joining LVMH’s La Maison des Startups acceleration program at Station F in 2018, the company has expanded the scope of its activities to include luxury and events. In 2019, Louboutin, for example, invited them to revive Fashion Week amidst lush vegetation.

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Mobee: a travel agency for people with a mobility impairment

The new comprehensive and supportive travel agency accompanies people with reduced mobility from A to Z, from transportation to on-site adapted activities. Delivery of medical equipment, personalized customer service, verified accommodation equipment…Mobee makes more than 30,000 establishments in 70 countries accessible to people with disabilities, with just a few clicks.

The still very young startup, which had already raised 1.1 million euros in 2020, has just completed a new fundraising process of 1.5 million euros. Mobee also won a Silver Hope at Fevad’s favour’i e-commerce 2022 and final status at Travel d’Or 2022. A huge success for this company launched in early 2018 by Lucas Gebhardt, just 19, motivated by a wheelchair relative.

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Crowds: Crowds of places can be accessed like the weather app

The company plays a key role in real-time measurement, forecasting and crowd communication (waiting time and place occupancy rate), working with the Louvre and the Center Pompidou as well as with libraries, swimming pools, shops or even administrative centers.

With measurement sensors, data, and predictive analytics tools, the startup provides forecasts to enable audience-welcoming organizations to better manage their flows and improve visitor experience.

Faced with crowd problems in university libraries, Paul Pozoll, an engineer by training, coded the first lines of a mobile application before he was joined by Grégoire Tabard and Mikael Paes Nouveau. Affluences currently employs 46 people between Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin. In the midst of a health crisis, the company succeeded in raising 4 million euros to accelerate its development in France and internationally.

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Lecco, Amadeus for Mobility

Amadeus, the leading management company in the distribution and sale of travel services, inspired the French company Lyko. The new Mobility API reference, the company wants to make available to tourism players all the means of road transport in Europe.

Public transport, trains, VTC, micro-mobility services, shared services, car rentals, parking … With Lyko, all these public and private transport offerings are centralized, without redirection.

Created in 2019, Lyko initially focused on flights to and from airports by assembling various modes of transportation. The startup then approached Joon, a subsidiary of Air France aimed at younger generations, in order to develop a multimedia solution. It was then that it expanded its field of operation from the first kilometer to the last kilometer across Europe.

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Remote Controls: Housing platform designed for remote workers

Dreams of working from home on a palm lined beach are often disrupted by the possibility of finding accommodation in the medium term. Based on this observation, Remoteers help remote/nomadic workers to settle elsewhere with the help of local people. The traveler expresses his demand, and a reporter on the site (called Remoter) finds many accommodations for him at more affordable prices than traditional platforms.

An idea that adheres to the aspirations of remote workers since the beginning of the epidemic. This is how the project was also born, moved by Damien Corcia, Production Manager at Promoséjours and installed in Tulum during the second booking. Since expensive accommodations are completely unsuitable for remote work, and the barriers that fall into the matter of remote control, the idea of ​​remote controls was born.

Luc Doyen, who has repented of mass tourism, joins him in the adventure with a deep conviction that the future of remote travel is headed toward longer stays. So it remains where we will work on site. The startup is present in more than 200 destinations around the world, aiming to gather at least 1,000 locals in 700 destinations.

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Odysway: immersion and passion at the heart of travel

Odysway has bet on immersive travel, meeting locals, and authentic experiences. Travel more slowly to better immerse yourself in the surroundings, live the daily life of a shepherd in the Pyrenees or tend animals in Sri Lanka, and observe dolphins with a biologist in Greece, not for the morning but for five or eight days.

The youth travel agency was launched in 2018, led by Roman Massena close to the local communities along with NGOs. For the cleanest possible carbon footprint, residencies offer a limited number of stages, low-pollution transportation and small groups to minimize human impact in the conserved spaces.

If the Covid crisis is a blow to the young girl, her re-positioning in the French sector has allowed her to survive and accelerate her domestic offering.

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Campanion: sustainable camping

For each camp site, the booking platform includes all outdoor stays. Van, motorhome, luxury camping, farm camping, family camping and eco-friendly lodging.

Campanion aims to make nature accessible to all, even on the farmer’s meadow. Since 2020, this desire has enabled Christian and Alexander, two former Google employees, to offer 10,000 bookable accommodations with 1,500 hosts in nearly two dozen countries. 1% of all sales are donated to the 1% for Planet Earth programme. The startup has just completed a fundraising process of 1.5 million euros, including 1.1 million euros provided by Schibsted Ventures, now a major investor in Campanion after the founders.

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Galius: A platform to rediscover France

Galius is part of a major trend in the tourism sector for 2022 with responsible travel, 100% Made in France. The platform provides an intuitive, multiple thematic stays, validated by professionals and commented on by the community and stakeholders in local tourism. The idea is to create a human bond while staying around a sport, a visit, a gastronomic experience.

Like many emerging tourism companies, Galius was born out of lockdown and the need to rethink the way we travel. Supporting the local economy, offering low carbon activities, promoting Lean movement… This is the ambition of the two young founders, Laurent and Quentin.

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