The 71 percent beauty brand is riding the clean beauty wave

The idea

While surfing in the southwest, former students of Edhec de Nice, Landais Raphaël Vannier and Azurean Marc Lévy, realize the lack of solar products “Water resistant, as natural as possible and environmentally friendly”.

Then they decided to establish a seventy-one per cent in June 2009 near Hossegor. The brand that over the years has built up a solid reputation for efficiency and authenticity with surfers, has made it pivotal in 2018 by opening up to the general public and relocating to Nice.


Seventy-one percent is a short collection of fourteen products available under three brands: Sun Kissed sun cosmetics; Go Wild technical treatments for athletes and Feel Good moisturizers, “Skin care with SPF 30 provides a daily summer dose”Raphaël Vannier comment, Because there is nothing better than sunny days to feel free and good about yourself.

To summarize: “We are a brand for the sun but for every day!” All products have one thing in common: they are ultra-protective and environmentally friendly. “Our formulas are 80% to 100% natural”explains the co-founder.

capital gains

Why the name seventy-one per cent? “Because there is 70% water on Earth, 70% water in the human body and 1% on planet Earth. We are all 71%.”

Both partners donate at least 1% of their sales to associations such as the Pur Océan Marseille Foundation or the Vision du monde. “Beauty and cosmetics are a polluting industry that uses a lot of plastic. And because we are part of the problem, we try to be part of the solution; to be an inspiring brand, made in France, that doesn’t make consumers feel guilty while staying sexy, non-sexist and with a more responsible approach.” maybe “.

7 If they admit it “shoot like a cowboy”Raphaël Vannier and Marc Lévy use the two boats with very precise specifications. “When we started, clean beauty didn’t exist and we looked for what was good for the skin and the planet. Our packaging is made from recycled plastics (50% on average) and 100% recyclable.”

The packaging is done in Moin Sarto by the Shadeline Laboratory.


Since its beginnings in 2009, 71 percent have already raised €800,000: €100,000 in love money when it was created and €700,000 from a business owner during its hub in 2018.

The brand, which employs four permanent employees, is distributed in surfing shops, specialty beauty stores and about a hundred Monoprix pharmacies. “We are also present in the Tourist Channel: concept stores, beaches and hotels such as the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat and 22 Club Med all over the world.”

On the side of the results, “We expect the turnover for 2022 at 1.4 million euros, up 50% compared to 2021. Within five years, it will be equally distributed between digital exports, France, Europe and the main export.”

the challenge

The two entrepreneurs, who will soon be joined by a third partner, plan to raise €5 million in 2023-24 “To recruit, invest in marketing and communication, and reorganize our cash flows because we are a very seasonal brand.”. And imagine the result of 20 million euros in 2027.


“We want to be an inclusive brand: 71 percent of our passion for nature and our respect for the ocean are born from and we want to expand it to everyone.”especially across a brand new e-commerce site “Which will allow us to carry out joint construction projects with our community”.

Leaders want to continue innovating and offering technical and everyday care products, including two by the end of the year. “Next summer, we will be releasing a new generation of sunscreens. In order to justify our approach to efficiency and naturalness, our products are in the process of being validated by the European Ecolabel brand. We have also teamed up with independent toxicology partner, Toxi Plan, to scientifically verify the environmental impact. for our installations.

They also earn the stringent B Certification awarded to companies that meet societal, environmental and public transparency requirements.

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