The booming e-commerce solution WiziShop.

The French e-commerce solution WiziShop allows you to create an online store. It has more than 250,000 registered merchants since 2008. The company has an important mission to make e-commerce accessible to all such as goodness, transparency, trust and excellence. Thus, WiziShop has an important value in an undisguised mission.

Create a WiziShop.

WiziShop was created by 3 childhood friends from Nice: Gregory PerottiAnd the Rene Cotton And the Cedric Piazza. Their beginnings as entrepreneurs go back to 2005, when a communications agency was set up. Through this campaign, their goal is to support the promotion of the company on the web.

When they evaluated the cost of creating an online store for a potential customer, the latter realized that for all his needs the amount would be in the thousands of euros, which is beyond his budget. So three entrepreneurs were offered another option: to create their own e-commerce site in exchange for a commission on the volume of sales through the online store. Thus, the idea and business model for WiziShop is created.

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WiziShop launch.

At the time, three friends realized a real need in the world of online sales: technical and financial accessibility. Creating an e-commerce website is expensive and requires hiring specialists (agencies or freelancers) to manage technical development, maintenance, updates, etc. Therefore, their job is to allow as many people as possible to easily create their own online store.

When the three founders launched the e-commerce blog WiziShop in 2007, it was time to build and refine their online store creation solution. Offering regular content and high quality articles, the blog quickly became a reference in the world of online sales and allowed them to grow their network.

In October 2008, WiziShop, a powerful e-commerce solution, was launched. For specific needs, WiziShop is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, accessible from a technical point of view. All you need is an email and a password to create your online store and access your admin space in a few minutes. Then, the ergonomic design makes everything easy to set up. With just a few clicks, you can create a business and professional website on your company image.

WiziShop success.

The beginning of his success : In connection with its first success, WiziShop launched its first fundraising in January 2013. Three entrepreneurs from Nice raised €300,000 from big names on the web: Xavier Niel (free) and Jérémie Berrebi Kima Ventures from the investment fund, Marc Simoncini (Meetic) with Jaina Capital, Jacques-Antoine-Granion (Fenty Privé) with Orivi and Olivier Rosenfeld. This fundraising allowed them to take a step forward. They hire new employees and invest in research and development to continually improve solutions.

WiziShop expansion.

Increase in services In 2018, the team launched Dropizi, a new service focused on dropshipping sales. It is a simplified online sales system that requires no inventory and no parcel shipping. Thus, WiziShop facilitates online sales by allowing everyone to start a business with less logistical and financial restrictions.

In addition, new partnerships are regularly established with recognized entities in the e-commerce sector. This includes PayPlug, PayPal, Alma, Stripe, Verified Reviews, ShoppingFeed, and many more. As it grew, new recruits began. WiziShop expands by opening a new office of 400 m² in the heart of Nice. Today, WiziShop brings together more than 40 employees who are passionate about e-commerce and digital business. They innovate every day to provide the best solutions for e-merchants and help them grow with their stores.

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