The Bucks take on the Celtics 110-107 after a crazy time!

The match was predictable, perhaps the narrowest streak in the semi-finals. 2 runs all around, the Bucks landed in Boston with the strong intention of establishing themselves as defensive champions. They did, after a crazy basketball game. Long live the curse of the NBA.

The end result of this crazy match is here!

In a match no less important than the fifth round of playoffs, when the two champions are tied in the series, we can expect more than an epic battle. However, not everyone realizes that the fate of this segment may be decisive for the future of one of the teams in the playoffs. Starting with the Bucks, as their first act as a whole will be a series of Giannis, Giannis, and Little Giannis too. Did we tell you about Giannis? We insist, but aside from his logical role asking him to be more involved than the rest of his squad, he’ll be the only one actually involved in the first act. 19 points in the first half, 15 of 19 pawns for his team in the second quarter. There was a fairly open first 12 minutes with both locals and visitors playing without much defense…but don’t think Bentown has just one trick up its sleeve. Once the tea party was over, Ime Udoka’s men closed the shop. A very strict defense, in the blink of an eye, C changes and Milwaukee has nothing to breathe aggressively. Additionally, Derek White is in a lean position and dances with Dimes’ defense. It’s a complete disaster for Mike Budenholzer. We won’t remember half the time I spent at Grayson Allen and Jrue Holiday, the two of which are right next to their pumps. In fact, we will keep them if the coins do not perform well. At the break, the difference was “only” seven points in favor of Boston and that’s because Wisconsin as a whole rests on Mr. Anticonmo’s back.

We showed you the Greens (from Massachusetts A) overclocked in the second quarter…just wait until we tell you what happened when we got back from the locker room. Players have enhanced the game’s overall level further and inevitably cracks in front of it. Jaylen Brown was wild with 16 points in 12 minutes, we don’t know what he ate in the first half but we want some too. Defensively, the “Wall” came back shut twice, and Giannis could no longer shake it off. Jrue Holiday tries when his leader isn’t on the field, but he’s of course very complicated. The duo sometimes play alone, leaving the rest of the team off the ball While leather trading has already shown its ability to beat Boston. No screens, no cups, just a buffer but, as mentioned above, the green line of defense is too strong to force…at least until the last minutes of the match.

Hold on to what’s close because it’s time for a particularly unexpected thriller. It was Pat Connaughton who brought the Bucks back into the game with two long-range shots. Well, when the Bucks share the ball, it works. Finally, not to be messed about, once the Daims are back within range, the same duo mentioned above are controlling the bulge, but successfully this time around. Jrue is intractable, and Giants finally places his 3-point shot. Crazy scenario: Milwaukee takes the lead a few seconds after the finish in an improbable offensive bounce from Bobby Portez. Enough to pull the hair of Celtics fans in front of their screens. Boston must score two points to take the lead, but it’s this junior boy – who showed all his faces this evening – who comes to set an awful tape on Marcus Smart as he reclaims! He will be able to find the batteries needed to be a clutchissime at the end of the match, congratulations to Mr. Vakans. Pat Connaughton will still be there to score but Boston will still have the ball to negotiate. Bad luck, that Devil’s Holiday is still all about an attempted robbery from Marcus Smart. Milwaukee win! Victory seemed highly improbable twenty minutes ago, but you shouldn’t underestimate the heart of a hero. The final result? 107-110, C took a hard hit on the ganache corner and is now back at the wall.

Milwaukee has come a long way, even infinitely far. The Bucks seemed to lose completely at times but they were able to come back from hell and snatch the win, that’s also great team spirit. Boston held their game and the chokehold would leave a lot of mental scars. However, it will be necessary to be at the top on Friday to avoid disqualification in Wisconsin.

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