The complete schedule for Women’s Euro 2022

England, the host nation of the 2022 Women’s European Championship, will kick off the competition against Austria at Old Trafford on July 6. The final will be played at Wembley on July 31. Discover the complete calendar for women’s Euro 2022.


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Portugal (to replace Russia)


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Euro 2022 matches schedule

Wednesday 6th July

Group A: England – Austria (9:00 pm, Old Trafford)

Thursday 7 July

Group A: Norway – Northern Ireland (9:00 pm, Southampton)

Friday July 8

Group B: Spain-Finland (6:00 pm, Milton Keynes)

Group B: Germany-Denmark (21:00, Brentford)

Saturday 9th July

Group C: Portugal-Switzerland (6:00 pm, Wigan and Les).

Group C: Netherlands-Sweden (21:00, Sheffield)

Sunday 10 July

Group D: Belgium – Iceland (6:00 pm, Manchester)

Group D: France-Italy (21:00, Rotherham)

Monday 11 July

Group A: Austria-Northern Ireland (6:00 pm, Southampton)

Group A: England – Norway (9:00 pm, Brighton & Hove)

Tuesday 12th July

Group B: Denmark-Finland (6:00 pm, Milton Keynes)

Group B: Germany-Spain (21:00, Brentford)

Wednesday 13th July

Group C: Sweden-Switzerland (6:00 pm, Sheffield)

Group C: Netherlands – Portugal (21:00, Wigan and Lee).

Thursday 14 July

Group D: Italy-Iceland (6:00 pm, Manchester)

Group D: France-Belgium (21:00, Rotherham)

Friday 15 July

Group A: Northern Ireland-England (9:00 pm, Southampton)

Group A: Austria-Norway (21:00, Brighton & Hove)

Saturday 16th July

Group B: Finland-Germany (21:00, Milton Keynes)

Group B: Denmark-Spain (21:00, Brentford)

Sunday 17 July

Group C: Switzerland-Netherlands (6:00 pm, Sheffield)

Group C: Sweden-Portugal (6:00 pm, Wigan and Leh).

Monday 18 July

Group D: Iceland-France (21:00, Rotherham)

Group D: Italy-Belgium (21:00, Manchester)


Wednesday 20 July

QF1: Group A winners – Group B runner-up (21:00 in Brighton and Hove)

Thursday July 21

QF2: Group B winner – second in Group A (21:00, Brentford)

Friday July 22

QF3: Group C winner – second in Group D (21:00, Wigan and Lee)

Saturday 23 July

QF4: Group D winner – second in Group C (21:00, Rotherham)

semi final:

Tuesday 26th July

SF1: QF1 Winners – QF3 Winners (9:00pm, Sheffield)

Wednesday 27 July

SF2: Q2 winners – Q4 winners (21:00, Milton Keynes)


Sunday July 31

SF1 Winners – SF2 Winners (6:00 PM, Wembley)

Match sites

Brighton & Hove (Brighton & Hove Community Stadium)

London (Brentford Community Stadium and Wembley Stadium – Final only)

Manchester (Manchester City Academy Stadium)

Milton Keynes (MK Stadium)

Rotherham (New York Stadium)

Sheffield (Bramal Lane)

Southampton (St Mary’s Stadium)

Trafford (Old Trafford – Opening Match only)

Wigan and Lee (Lee Sports Village)

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