The face of “change”, “drugs”, “alcohol” as soon as you wake up”, “suicide” and “illness”… It is a thing of the past!

Fiona Gillen turns 60 years old on May 22nd. The actress, who was devastated during confinement, found the joy of living thanks to her famous companion, who is twenty years her junior. His illustrious family, his charming images, his remorse (“I was breasts and buttocks before I was an actress”), his addiction, his money, his son… and everything you didn’t know about the radioactive sexagenarian.

Fiona Gillen celebrates her 60th birthday on Sunday, May 22nd. If the actress has made a lasting imprint on French cinema and theater, she has had a career full of pitfalls, marred by addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as (recent) money problems. But the actress has today He found love again in the person of the musician Chardri. Outside the tunnel, the actress won the battle against her ancient demons. His famous family, his plays, his companion, his son… here Everything You Didn’t Know About Fiona Gillen

Fiona Gillin: A Golden Family

Fiona Gillin was born on May 22, 1962 in Boulogne-Billancourt. She is the daughter of an actor Daniel Gillen and the model Sylvie Hirschthe muse of Christian Dior in the fifties of the last century, who is the half-sister of the actors Xavier Gillin And Maria SchneiderActor’s sister Manuel Gillen And the director’s aunt Hugo Gillin.

Fiona Glenn offered a place to Meryl Darke

It’s by putting charming pictures in magazines play boy And for himespecially for the purpose of Mireille Darkthat Fiona Gillin started her career.

Fiona Gillin: Her Alcoholism

Fiona leads Jillen A Fierce fight against alcoholism for several years. The actress started drinking at a young age, without realizing that she was involved Addictive quicksand. “I was very shy when I was little. And when I started going to the markets on the Ile de Ré in the morning, with vegetables, it was splash of white wine I saw it all of a sudden, deprived meYou stole my shyness. I started like this‘,” Danielle Jilin’s daughter explained on the set Don’t touch my TVon February 23, 2022.

Alcohol’s damage was very real for Fiona Gillen, who They drank rum as soon as they woke up They consumed the drink throughout the day. “It’s a hell of a mess. We commit suicide a little every day if we drink (…) It hurts and hurts a lot. change the face a lot“, She said.

Fiona Gillin, transformed thanks to her son and companion (young man)

It’s a special thanks to His son Milan, 32 years oldHe was born from his former love with actor Michel Albertini, and to mate 20 years of her junior, musician Richard Bowdoin, better known as Shardri, which Fiona Gillin could do Win the battle against alcoholism. “It took me three times to get out. What saved me was Faith and love. But it is true that it is a file the disease‘, detailed in Cyril Hanoun’s show.I had love in my life. It’s all alone, I think I will be on medication‘, she added.

The actress fully remembers the day she was in I decided to take control: “I was very scared. I stopped because the doctor said to me, “Madam Glenn, do you want to continue living or not?” I said: Yes, I am a grandmother, I have my son, and I have things to do. She gave me a click“.

As for his companion, he also gave him a flick to get out of it. “I put the market in his hand, I wanted to commit if I stopped drinking‘, he recalls in expensive.

Fiona Gillin also explained that her fondness for alcohol was a sad family legacy: “I have fragility, that’s the situation. We all have it in my family. My dad has one, my brother Manuel has one, my half-brother and my half-sister are dead.“.But she is glad that she was able to get out of it to serve as”counter example“For his 33-year-old son Milan.”It’s perfectly clean, the better. It’s my great achievement, just like the 10 year old granddaughter he gave me, Julia‘, she confirmed.

Fiona Gillin gets 500 euros a month

Fiona Gillen “He was only earning 500 euros a month with a reservationHe told his companion, singer Shardri, that expensive, in May 2022. If he helped her get rid of alcoholism, the musician also supported her in her acting career and encouraged her to break out of the routine. “She encouraged her to present her program of reading and poems to her father, Daniel Gillin, for twenty years after his death, because she really wanted to.“, It is to explain.

And to add: “For her part, she motivated me to Setting up my production box. We are not only satisfied, We are good friendsIt allows you to move forward“.

Fiona Gillin forced to sell her apartment: her ordeal

Fiona Gillen He had already mentioned his ordeal, in November 2020, at non-stop people. In the midst of the turmoil, the actress explained that she lives thanks to the allowance for disabled adults (WL), because she suffers from osteoporosis 500 euros per month.I sold my apartment in Montmartre because of I was pawned. How do you want to pay the fee when you are in RSA?‘ she cried in front of Jordan De Luxe.

If she’s been able to play in plays in recent years, these haven’t made her the jackpot, far from it. “There was no recording of the two plays I did two years ago. They were small tours, so I won a littleSo, Fiona Glenn was trying somehow Get out of the tunnel : “I have friends, I run and that’s why I have to finish The third book to have it“.

Fiona Gillin, “Breasts”: Her career faltered due to sofa promotion

The actress admits that her career has been pretty much Contaminated with alcohol and drugs. “Alcohol came too late, but drug addiction kept me from working‘, she explained first before leaving it:

What basically kept me from working was the fact that I refused to sleep with some of the producers (…) I was A pair of breasts and buttocks Before becoming an actress. For Fiona Gillin, To be a sex symbol It was a real pain. “So far, my fans are telling me about my sexy movie (…) Being a sex symbol is a bad thing. Women were jealous of me‘, I explained to non-stop people.

And ready to tell her the truth, she added that she wouldn’t hesitate to do sotoss namesFrom the producers who blackmailed him withdiscount sofa“, in his book.”There is a producer who told me, “You will never make movies againShe added. because of these refusal of advancesyou can’t play in it detective, Written by Jean-Luc Godard with Johnny Hallyday.

Fiona Gillin: Drugs, Marks and a Famous Father

But Fiona Gillin is mostly angry with herself. If she could go back in time, she wouldn’t Don’t touch drugs: “I’m sorry. I could have turned ten times more“.

As for his nickname, it is the same as his surname His famous father, comedian Daniel Gillen, hasn’t been much help in his career either. “In France, we have a gift Put stickers on you (…) Everyone said to themselves: “Little Jilin must be armored, her father is well-known.” I think it would have been easier to work if I had been discovered on the streetThe actress, in her opinion, missed roles in it Appointmentby André Téchiné or killer summerby Jan Baker.

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