The first victory of Vladimir Tzyortzis

What a trip for Motorsport Academy/Alex Caffee Motorsport driver Vladimiros Tzyortzis at the wheel of his #5 FJ EuroNASCAR as the Cypriot drove the checkered flag to claim his first win at EuroNASCAR 2 three seconds later in 2021. The 25-year-old led everyone for laps from first place He beat junior Alberto Nasca by 6.619 seconds. A perfect start to the 2022 NWES season featuring new shows from Tziortzis, who joined the series in 2020.

The Cypriot got off to a perfect start and immediately split up at the front of the field, as Nasca tried to keep pace with his more experienced opponent. Nasca did their best to keep up with Vladimirus, but in the end Vladimirus was able to build a comfortable gap and reach the checkered flag with a huge lead. Academy Motorsport driver Alex Caffi Motorsport has once again impressed with his consistency that has seen him rank 9th in the Big Five of his career.

We did our job, our main objective since the beginning of the year has been to start with a positive result and we will continue that way. This work must be done at all costs!

Vladimiros Tzortzis

Followed by thousands of fans in Italy, Naska made an incredible debut behind the wheel of a powerful 400-hp V8 monster, without any electronic driving aids. According to the YouTube star, “tire management” is the key to success which is why Naska aims to salvage some of his tires for Sunday when he starts the race from second – again next to Tziortzis, who set the fastest lap and thus secure first place for tomorrow’s race. With her exceptional performance, Nasca also won the race in the Rookie Trophy standings.

After a thrilling battle with Jill Leinster, EuroNASCAR 2 Champion Martin Dubic finished third in the #7 Hendriks Motorsport Ford Mustang. The Czech was a victim of the first lap round, but the defending champion recovered with minimal time loss. For Dubik, who won five races in the 2021 EuroNASCAR 2 Championship, third place is the first step in his mission to win back-to-back EuroNASCAR 2 titles.

Leinster, who shared the winning EuroNASCAR PRO car with Nicolo Rocca, finished fourth after a solid race, while former EuroNASCAR 2 champion, Ulysse Delsaux, finished fifth. Delsaux starred in a fight with rookie Liam Hzemans, brother of EuroNASCAR PRO Champion Loris Hzemans. The Frenchman excelled over the Dutchman in the 12th turn of the eighth lap. Delsaux finished fifth, while the Dutchman finished sixth and thus finished second in the Rookie Trophy.

Young driver Paul Gauvreau had a solid start to his career at EuroNASCAR 2. He not only finished seventh in his first EuroNASCAR 2 race, but also completed the Rookie Trophy. Frenchman Melvin de Groot followed – the Dutchman took the lead in the Legend Cup standings by finishing eighth. Marko Stipp Motorsport took the rest of the 40-plus drivers podium with Miguel Gomez in second and Yevgen Sokolowski in third. Gomez, who finished ninth, was followed by Levi Lentukantu in tenth and Sokolovsky in eleventh.

Another EuroNASCAR debut worth celebrating is Aliyyah Koloc in Buggyra Racing’s #29 Ford Mustang. The 17-year-old finished 17th on her first EuroNASCAR outing and beat fellow rookie – Lolli del Castillo – and Lady Trophy title holder Ariana Cassoli. Regarded as the most unpredictable tournament in the EuroNASCAR world, the battles for titles and prizes in EuroNASCAR 2 promise not only to be exciting but also to put on a show for NASCAR fans everywhere.

The EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2 Championships will return to action on Sunday with two more races on schedule. Round two of EuroNASCAR will take place at 10:55 CET, while Europe’s elite NASCAR will wrap up the weekend with another 75km race at 14:05 CEST. All races will be broadcast live on EuroNASCAR YouTube channel, and many TV services across Europe.


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