The most prominent innovations for the month of May 2022

Valentina Candeloro, Director of International Marketing at Mood Media, gives us a monthly glimpse into the innovations that are revolutionizing the customer experience.

In the programme, we introduce you to the new environmentally responsible space for Printemps, the new store for Lacoste, the parent company of the emblematic crocodile. Next, we’ll take you as a family to Kiabi’s VIP fitting room, before heading off to sample new Coca-Cola products at the brand’s premier store. Finally, we will get a small snack at the independent Carrefour point of sale.

Le Printemps turns into an eco-friendly space

In March, we told you about Printemps’ seventh heaven, a 13,000 square meter space dedicated to selling second-hand parts under its famous dome. Today, four floors below, the group embarks on a whole new adventure with an off-season space, as we rediscover unsold pieces from previous seasons. The fall-winter 2018-2021 collections are stocked by color theme. You will find women’s and men’s clothing, but also home collections. Be warned, the pieces are rare and often not available in multiple sizes. As you understand, these are old kits, so inevitably, the availability of certain pieces is reduced! feature? The price of admiration will not cost you an arm! In fact, parts are subject to discounts of up to -60%! Oh good deal!

These methods are driven by various initiatives such as:

  • The AGEC Act, since January 1, 2022, which prohibits the destruction of unsold textiles;
  • The new brand motto “Everything Begins in Spring” which puts the group strategically on developing experimental and environmentally responsible operations.

Coca-Cola opens its first physical store in Covent Garden, London

Europe’s first Coca-Cola store opens in the bohemian Covent Garden area. Rarity, audience, personality, novelty and boldness are the five criteria that perfectly define the explosive and ephemeral pop-up store for the American brand.

The brand wants to cater to the demands of Generation Z and Millennials, who increasingly adore experience and connection. To make everyone agree, Coca-Cola designed the clothes in collaboration with designers like Soho Grit, Alma de Ace, BAPE, Be @ RBRICK, Herschel and Staple. These pieces are offered exclusively to satisfy enthusiasts. Also on sale are sets made of recycled plastic from the sportswear and workwear bearing the American giant’s logo. Something that makes school children happy!

Space for personalization across tablets is available. Thus, fans of micro-bubbles can create their own stickers with the message and color of their choice. But who would dare suggest a can of Coca-Cola? The pop-up store is also an opportunity for the brand to present its latest products. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to (drum roll) Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte and Intergalactic. In the program: a spatial and temporal journey through the aromatic and sweet universe of the brand. Something to freshen you up this summer and make your evening sparkle!

Kiabi is experimenting with the first VIP family dressing room

Celebrities sitting on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival would do better to pay better attention: Here, it’s families who get into VIP status. In its store in Liege, the brand that wears young and old clothing has implemented the concept of a VIP cabin. But how does it work? Exclusively for families, online clothing reservation service is carried out up to 24 hours in advance. Customers are then offered a try-out slot at the Kiabi kiosk in the store. In the shop, the VIP installation area is completely reserved for them within a specified period of time. If cardiac arrest succeeds with the family, checkout, as well as VIP, will allow them to pay and leave with their purchases without waiting in line.

The purpose of this service? Responding to the Great Families Problem: Time. Thus, by simplifying shopping with this VIP service, Kiabi is reconnecting with its customers. In the near future, the French brand wants to launch another second-hand clothing website and a workshop for customizable clothing. “Fashion at low prices!” Which offers the latest retail services, what more could you ask for!

The parent company, Lacoste, acquires the Champs Elysees

This new 1,600 square meter flagship store is the largest in the Lacoste Group and highlights many aspects of the brand. The crocodile-branded brand opened a new point of sale called Lacoste Arena on May 20, just days before the start of the new season at Roland Garros…is it a coincidence? Don’t think! Because the brand is clearly giving prominence to tennis in its new store, as well as golf and fitness.

Lacoste takes advantage of the opening of this new venue to release a unique collection, organized in Parisian style as if we were in a metro station. In addition to its exposition, this title aims to be experimental and offers a personalization service, get-togethers (fashion enthusiasts, athletes, responsible consumers and creatives) and a photo booth on the immersive “Croco Wall” created for opportunity. Lacoste also presents its environmentally responsible offering, Solid Elegance, with a space entirely dedicated to products made from recycled fibers from old polo shirts (Polo LOOP) or made from organic cotton.

This place marks a new era for Lacoste which, in addition to offering a trial service, wishes to unite all generations (welcome to their latest campaign) around the same passion: the crocodile.

Carrefour’s first automatic point of sale

Independent stores have been on the rise for a few years now and are permanently settling at the front of the stage. Today, we present to you the Automated Self-Service Point of Sale from Carrefour. It is located in the car park near the service station of the Carrefour d’Anhgoulins hypermarket.

Consumers will be able to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This is one (many) advantages of a standalone POS, but it’s not the only one! This point of sale, modeled on a vending machine, cannot accommodate consumers on site. Using a touch screen, dial the item of your choice, dial its number, pay, and HOP! Remove it from the basket designated for this purpose. The size of this point of sale enables the display and storage of 150 products that are equitably distributed as follows:

  • 30% of De Carrefour brand products,
  • 61% off offer fresh/dry/liquid snacks,
  • 30% repair products,
  • Some non-food references and cars.

True independent innovation that expands the customer experience even outside the store! This specific and agile mode of operation is carried out directly by the operator within the hypermarket.

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