The multi-channel platform focused on digital strategies

Today, the evolution of online sales and the proliferation of communication channels are forcing companies to rethink their digital strategies. In this sense, Sinfin offers a multi-channel solution so that businesses can offer their customers the best experience.

From consulting to developing an innovative digital platform

Since 2008, Sinfin has supported brands and distributors in their digital transformation. His digital expertise has enabled him to enhance the online presence of major brands, such as LEGO, Sony, Ubisoft, Lacoste and Leclerc.

During his collaboration, Sinfin was able to notice new challenges that companies must adapt to, with the first one: the explosion of e-commerce sales. Online sales channels are expanding with CMS, marketplaces and social networks, while the means of communication are increasingly diversifying. The multiplicity of data and user solutions is creating an increasingly complex and challenging digital environment for businesses.

In this context, in 2020, Sinfin developed DXP, a SaaS platform that enables end-to-end channel management of customer experience. This gives companies a competitive advantage as they manage their marketing and sales hubs from a centralized, innovative, modular and complete module.

The platform is available in a back office that allows for the consolidation of information (items, prices, stocks, etc.) thanks to Product Information Management (PIM), as well as the management of all flows (photos, videos, documents, etc.) using a digital asset management (DAM). It also has a multilingual configuration and API library for automating incoming and outgoing data flows.

Then, 3 modules complete the back office. The first “Commerce” module to configure product catalogs, e-commerce, online/offline order management, CMS, and marketplaces. A second “content” module for managing social networks, creating headless content, and a dashboard. Finally, the Customer Experience component for creating custom games, themed sites and landing pages, CRM marketing and connectors.

Sinfin omnichannel platform and its three modules SENVEN

Unit “Commerce” to improve the relationship with customers

This module on the platform makes it possible to think about the relationship with customers across the value chain, from the marketing hub to sales channels, thanks to the centralization of flows, data and means of communication.

Among the possibilities available, we find, for example, the management of prices, stocks, online and in-store orders, the consolidation of sales places (retailers, marketplaces), the planning of promotional events, the creation of buying groups, product drop-offs, flow automation or even data matching.

Customer experience is customizable across all B2B/B2C mediums worldwide in all currencies. This allows the customer to follow the original customer journey with consistent interactions, to feel the emotions and thus be more satisfied.

For companies, the benefits are also multiple: improving their online presence, increasing sales, reducing time to market, and enhancing their brand image.

Le Coq Sportif’s digital transformation

Le Coq Sportif wanted to provide an optimal customer experience for its users, in order to reach 25% of the sales volume achieved through online sales by 2024. “We were in a process where 3 people were manually importing our products, which took a lot of time to showcase our offerings to Internet”, says its director David Pickard.

Thus, the partner for the 2024 Olympics chooses the Sinfin platform to enrich, centralize, optimize and re-design its French and multilingual e-commerce site. This enabled the brand to create online catalogs under various themes, present complete product sheets, distribute them with personal information on all digital media, and report reviews.

In addition, Le Coq Sportif plans to introduce new functions with a click and aggregation to deliver a richer customer experience. From the formation stage to production, including the UI/UX of the e-commerce site, everything is developed from the offices of Sinfin.

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