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Photography is Isabel Report – Ogura’s passion. Based in Missery between Pouilly-en-Auxois and Saulieu, she created Phototype, an independent company that allows her to sell her photos to sponsoring institutions. But she also unleashes her imagination for artistic creations. An interview with this freedom-loving photographer.

Isabel Report-Ogura, Missery Photographer and Photo Director (21)
Christoph Turner

We’re on the eve of June, with its traditional share of weddings and other similar festivities, is it the time to ask for your favors or is it none of your specialty at all?

It’s not really my specialty. Classic wedding photos are not my domain. If I were doing wedding photos, they would be more photojournalistic, relaxed, and natural.

Your photos are somewhat artistic, what kind of work do you do?

It is quite diverse. I’m more “landscape and nature” oriented, but I also paint portraits and in fact, I don’t have a particular style. I use films, they can be digital. The two can also be combined depending on the topic I give myself. Because for me it is very important to make a connection between technique and subject matter. It also depends on requests, because I still have requests for artistic creations. I agree with the sponsor on the appropriate approach. For example, I received a request a few years ago for Burgundy burial photos. These conditions were shining in very poorly lit chapels. So I used black and white silver in medium format to get good image definition. And since there are multiple color combinations, I tinted the prints a bit to give an idea of ​​the coloring.

Excerpt from the series Entombment - Chaource - commissioned by the Semur-en-Auxois . Museum
Excerpt from the series Entombment – Chaource – commissioned by the Semur-en-Auxois . Museum
Isabel Ogura

Do you respond to public or private commands? Who are your customers exactly?

Monday. I received requests from three museums. Creation is more than my responsibility. I’m the one who needs creativity since I started shooting. Actually, I can’t stop, but I’ve lived from my work of restoration and actually photo preservation.

Restore old photos by Steel Report
Restore old photos by Steel Report
Estelle Report

How much does it cost to use your services?

It’s discretionary, because it’s really on a case-by-case basis. I really have to adapt my pricing to demand.

You have a whole gallery of photos taken on the doorstep of houses or apartments. Tell us how it went.

It’s a little bit due to confinement because we can no longer get close. I had the idea of ​​photographing people on their doorstep as well to keep a connection with them and continue to have fun. It’s a picture, like all portraits, that shows a part of the person in their environment and we’re trying a bit of a guessing game who’s doing what. I was born like this.

You are under sole proprietorship status. What advantages does this mode bring to you?

The fact of being able to respond accurately to general orders, issue invoices, etc… still being self-employed is quite a heavy affair. We have a lot of fees to pay in fact, after the advantage, it’s freedom. I don’t necessarily have a large turnover (around 25,000 euros), but I have enormous freedom and would find it hard to do without. But I’m not a big consumer, and I’m not very wealthy, but that will come (laughs).

What are your art projects for the next few months?

In June, I will participate in a project called diapoké, which combines music and images. We sing live with photos in the form of a video montage. And it’s a great project that we’ve already started. There, we do four dates in Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Fermi and Fays-sur-Lignon. I will also be showing my pictures of the windows in the “Ptiot bistro” next to Nolay in August, as well as in the Colline de Flavigny, a bookshop in Favigny sur Ozerain where I will show them at the end of June, beginning of July.

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