The ordeal of a member of the Neversoa family who was kidnapped, beaten, stripped of his money and forced to beg and sell drugs

More than two months of ordeal. Held in captivity. hit. Exempt from his money. forced to beg. Forced to sell drugs. After being freed from his clutches, the mentally weak Marginal Neversauce, 35, denounced his executioner.

Police from the Nevers Police Department’s anti-drug group arrested a 32-year-old suspect on Monday, May 16th, at his home.

now imprisoned

, this drug addict, already known for theft and extortion, is being prosecuted privately for … “human trafficking by coercion or violence,” notes Paul Edward Laloa, Deputy Attorney General of the Republic. A very rare qualification for sure in the Nivernaise legal records!

70 euros per day

A drug addict, his thirties fell into the clutches of his executioner, on the night of Sunday 5 December to Monday 6 December, when an acquaintance told him that a man – whom he already knew – wanted to meet him. The trap closes as soon as the door to one’s apartment is closed. “From that moment on, he was going to receive slaps and punches in order to extort money from him,” says the judge.

For investigators, the victim denounces other scenes of violence. She claims her assailant tied her to a wooden pole at the property, made her sit on a chair with her hands tied behind her back, threatened her with a golf club and put a revolver on one of his temples, and took his bank card. . For about an hour and a half, she lived in horror before being released with a commitment to return this man €70 each day. “He would have practiced some kind of blackmail,” notes the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic.

There is some kind of influence relationship. He is under his control.

Undoubtedly, the victim does not utter a word to his host family for fear of reprisals. He lives with fear in his stomach. His health is deteriorating. His relatives are worried as much as the young man has already tried his life in the past. In mid-February, his entourage decided to take him to the hospital. For two months, running in the hospitals of the Nevers and Pierre Lo conglomerate, he would not trust doctors about the violence and threats they faced in December.

When he leaves, in mid-February, he does not return to his family. Does he feel ashamed? Homeless, he takes a hotel room for one night and then seeks to receive… his attacker. There is some kind of control relationship. It is under his control,” the judge slides. The man agrees to host him. But the reception is not without consideration. The victim tells the detectives at the police station that she is demanding rent, and that she has been stripped of her new bank card.” Once an RSA (Active Solidarity Income, editor’s note)

It gets pushed into his account, and there are instant withdrawals. Police investigations reveal that the victim did not carry it out. »


Even worse, the young man explains that he had to beg and sell drugs from time to time on behalf of his host. He continues to call her on the phone. The victim does not dare to resist him. She knows he has a gun.

Wednesday 13th April After a telephone conversation with his father, the young man decided to escape from the residence and free himself from the confinement imposed on him. His word was also released. Confronted with the seriousness of the revealed actions, his family took him to the police station the next day.

After a month of investigations, investigators succeeded in identifying and arresting the suspect on Monday, May 16th. The Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic concludes that “in police custody, he denied all the facts attributed to him.” A replica of a pistol, couplings, tear gas canisters and drugs were seized from his home.

The suspect must be tried in the immediate appearance before the Nevers Criminal Court, Friday, May 20, at 2 p.m., on charges of kidnapping, human trafficking and drug possession.

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