The people of the Pyrenees celebrate Nature’s Day

For 15 years, with the exception of 2020, the Fête de la Nature has been held around May 22, the date of International Biodiversity Day. From 18 to 22 May 2022, the public will be able to participate in free events throughout France, in mainland France and abroad, organized by companies, associations, individuals, local authorities, schools … Fête de Nature wishes to offer experiences in contact with nature.

♦ New in 2022

For this sixteenth edition, not a central theme but rather several software themes has been chosen. places this year night activitiesto me Neighborhood garden toursat Discover nature in the city. The public will also be able to contribute to the inventory of species, celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the creation of the network of nature reserves or even listen to nature … In 2022, they are truly encouraged to discover the natural riches of the French city and beyond. Sea. Organizers say There is no particular theme in 2022, nature will be celebrated with all living things related themes! “.

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Demonstrations in the Pyrenees – Orientales

In the Pyrenees Orientales, a province sandwiched between land, sea and mountains, there is no shortage of events during these five days of festivities.

In Port VindersPhotographs highlighting the biodiversity of the park will be displayed Anse de Polis May 21 and 22. On the same dates, a guided tour will be offered. Accompanied by a local naturalist, participants are invited to observe and listen to the sounds of birds. On May 22, it will be possible to board a cruise ship to discover the beauty of the marine environment. On the same day, the Escape Game will be staged in a building on the Paulilles site. This game, for educational purposes, will have the theme of the consequences of climate change on the Catalan space. Visits to the Paulilles site will be possible all day on May 22. Children are welcome.

For the 12th Nature Festival, city Perpignan She chose to hold a large market for local and organic producers as well as a flower and plant market on Sunday 22 May in St Vicens Park. This place is considered the green lung of the Catalan city. The day before, a self-guided tour of the Jardins du Palace of the Kings of Mallorca will display. On May 21 and 22, workshops for young and old will take place at the Maison de la Catalanité. They will allow you to discover nature through creativity and play.

in Argeles-sur-MerMany activities. On May 18, the public was invited to take their binoculars to appreciate the coastal landscape. He will also be able to observe the fauna and flora of these preserved natural sites. On May 20, the Vermeille Coast will be honored with a guided walk. The following day, a participatory workshop on the Atlas of Biodiversity will be organized in Valmy Park. Participants will learn to identify the species.

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♦ Le Barcarès and its many activities

The city of Le Barcarès also offers a very complete program of this nature festival. From May 18 to 22, photographs of the coastal reed basins of Occitanie will be shown at the fishermen’s hut. On May 22, a treasure hunt trip using a kayak will be organized. It is an original and fun way to discover the lake. The least athletic will prefer a sensual walk. They will have to observe insects, birds, reptiles, and plants to better understand how they work. Also on May 22, a small-scale fishing exploration workshop is planned. At hand, the audience will have the task of searching for marine lake animals.

Every year, Team Fête de la Nature presents its selection of favourites. In 2022, activity “Like a fish in water” Organized by the city of Le Barcarès is one of them. After participating in a fun workshop showcasing the biodiversity of the lake, participants will be invited to don flippers and diving suits to immerse themselves in its waters.

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♦ Festival of Nature in the rest of the eastern Pyrenees

Other cities in the department will offer activities during the Fête de la Nature : Games in Paul Damont, guided walking tours of Sainte-Marie-la-Mer, Prats de Molo la Prieste, Nyre, Ansignan, or even Noid. Encinan, Cerber and Pradis organize workshops. By the way, a city Mont-Louis turns green. May 21 will begin with the cleaning of the fences. He will continue with a guided tour around the city’s fortifications to discover the different types of fauna and flora. To finish the day, a gravel painting workshop will be held in the school yard.

09/01/2020, Perpignan, France Back to primary school covid-19 © Arnaud Le Vu/MiP

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♦ Did you know?

Fête de la Nature was created in 2007 About the idea of ​​the French Committee for the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Terre Sauvage magazine. The goal of this event was clear: to celebrate nature together every year. During the first edition of the Fête de la Nature, on May 19 and 20, 2007, 400 events were held.

There’s even a charter for a nature festival. This was signed at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development on March 26, 2007, in the presence of Minister Nelly Olin on that date. Composed of seven articles, it specifically defines the criteria for an event to be labeled a “Nature Festival Event”.

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