The poor boy gives the man two dollars for the baby’s things, and the man leaves him a note with the address Thank you

Barry didn’t have enough money to buy baby food, but a nice guy behind him decided to give him two dollars. Barry could only give him his address, promising to pay it back later. But when the boy returns to his mother, Barry realizes they have a lot in common.

“Sir, you’re disrupting the queue. Do you want to return something?” The cashier at the grocery store asked him. Barry Atkinson stood in front of her for a while and was taking too long to push. He was counting the coins in his hand while holding his son Andrew in his arms. The money he had was not enough to pay for his groceries. He had only eaten a few baby foods, and he really needed it.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” said Barry. “Maybe I can return something.” He thinks about what he can return the favour. Formula was a must, but maybe he could give up on Gerber’s. Before he could make up his mind, he saw two dollars fall on the treadmill.

A faint voice came from behind him, “Here, sir.”

Barry turned around and saw a little boy in cheap clothes, indicating that he didn’t have much money. He was only carrying a bag of bread and some milk, which confirmed Barry’s suspicions. After he shook his head, he said, “No, boy. I can’t accept this.”

Barry was stuck with something she said. Was her name Ellie?

But the little boy paid the money, and the cashier watched Barry, waiting for him to make a final decision. It must be said that the queue was longer and longer. Finally, he decided to accept the money. But he was horrified when he saw the boy return his bag of bread and buy only milk.

The child waited outside the store and introduced himself. “My name is Barry. Thank you very much for the money. But why would you do this if you had to give up your bread?”

The boy replied, “I’ve seen my mother struggle before to buy food for the children, and I know how important that is.” “By the way, my name is Elliot.”

Elliot took a barry card | Source: Pexel

“Elliot, you are a generous child,” said Barry. “I promise to give you back as soon as possible.” So he took out his business card and wrote his address on the back. “Come to that address later this week. You can bring your mother, of course. I’ll more than double that for you.”

Elliot tried to refuse, but his new friend was adamant. They said goodbye. Barry was in awe, and hoped to raise his child as well as Elliot.


Barry was a successful businessman, but he was swimming in chaos. His wife disappeared and left him alone with the child. He also learned that she tried to steal money from his bank accounts.

The bank froze them so that Barry could get there to sort things out. That was why he didn’t have the money to pay for baby food. As a security measure, his credit cards were suspended.

He always knew that his wife, Ellie, liked expensive things, but that wasn’t a problem for him. They quickly married because she was pregnant, but soon after the birth of their son, she disappeared. So Barry became a single father, leaving him little time.

Bought tons of groceries for Elliot | Source: Pexel

He had to solve his financial problems in order to make up for the wonderful store kid. So he went to the bank and arranged his accounts. Then he bought tons of groceries, hoping that Elliot would soon come with his mother.

A few days later, he knocked on his door. After consulting an app on his phone, Barry saw that there was no problem. It was just Elliot. A little boy was holding a woman’s hand. He got up and immediately opened the door. He gave them a big smile.

“Hello! Hello! Come on, please!” Barry said. He stepped aside to let them into his house. “I’m Barry. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your son really saved me from a difficult situation that day. You can be proud of him.”

Darla said something to him that froze him for a second | Source: Pexel

“That’s too much,” she said. From her looks, Barry realized she really needed her, so he insisted. He also gave her coffee and soda for Elliot. He sat in the living room watching TV.

Meanwhile, Barry and Darla settled in the kitchen to chat. Barry revealed that his wife ran away a few months after Andrew was born. Unexpectedly, Darla said that she went through the same thing with her husband.

“I found out he was having an affair with a woman named Ellie after the birth of my second child. He left the next day. It was crazy. I was a housewife mom so I had to take a few steps to find a job and I explained it wasn’t easy.”

But Barry froze. He didn’t hear anything more than that. Looking straight into his eyes, he asked, “Her name is Ellie?”

He began to suspect something about his son | Source: Pexel

“Yes why ?”

“It’s also my future ex-wife’s name,” Barry says. They both looked at each other with wide eyes. They were confused. “is that possible?

“I don’t know,” Darla says. “They’ve been together for a long time.” She did not want to believe this coincidence, but everything was possible.

After a few minutes, Darla and Elliot left, not without thanking Barry for his generosity. They also made sure to exchange their phone numbers. Barry felt it was meant to be a part of their lives.

This feeling was reinforced when he began to have doubts after his discussion with Darla. He suspected Andrew might not be his biological son. It turns out that Ellie got pregnant quickly.

Then he decided to take a DNA test. His suspicions were confirmed shortly thereafter. He told Darla about it, who agreed to take a DNA test for Andrew with Elliot, and the results confirmed that they were half-siblings.

Andrew will always be his son, no matter what the former did | Source: Pexel

Nothing has changed for Barry. Andrew remained his son no matter what, but Darla and Elliot were part of his family, too. He helped them financially as best he could. He has also become a father figure to Elliot and his other brother.

Even when Darla met another man, they considered each other family, and Barry ended up marrying another woman. Their children grew up together. The two families met as often as possible. What happened to them was heartbreaking, but he is forever alone. It was an invaluable gift.

What can we learn from this story?

All secrets appear at the end. Darla and Barry manage to connect the dots and discover that their spouses have eloped together. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves.

Help everyone who needs it. Although his family didn’t have much of a means, Elliot learned to help. But he was rewarded in the end.

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