These ideas for outdoor trips that you must test with your family!

Spending your summer vacation in the countryside allows you to experience an amazing new experience. Find out the reasons!

Travel is again allowed in every country. If the Covid 19 pandemic, tourist activities have been interrupted by restrictive health measures. This is a godsend for the millions of French people who are bored of staying indoors all the time.

Therefore, in this year’s summer vacation 2022, many families go on a trip. According to the PAP Vacances website last Thursday, the current trend is focused on rural destinations. why ? We explain to you!

Summer Vacation 2022: Countryside and Nature, Here We Come!

Go on summer vacation It almost became a norm in France. During this period, we can see that the traffic has become a hell and that no one’s madness is everywhere. However, the past two years have been far from the same. Since everyone had to stay home due to confinement!

Summer vacation: From now on the country has abolished all prohibitions related to tourism. And therefore , The seasonal phenomenon will resume againhis habits. In the absence of the inflationary crisis present in France, the purchasing power of the French is no longer comparable to that of 2019. To this end, they must adapt to the new contexts imposed by the repercussions of previous events!

In this way, we note that tourism is in motion. However, its promotional interests have been redirected according to the needs of the tourists. if before Mass tourism on the beach was breaking all recordsToday, travel enthusiasts choose rural landscapes for their summer vacations. Moreover, it is also a good way to save fuel!

This new practice is defined by local tourism. From an environmental point of view, rural tourism is profitable for the economy and conducive to the environment as well. If you want to discover a new side of summer vacation, choose a great stay in the countryside. A very beautiful, comfortable, economical and unforgettable trip!

Where will you stay during this stay?

Summer Vacation: Fear not! Even if you do not have a country house or family in its areas, Your reception is far from a problempioneer. Since the confinement story was told, many rural homeowners have rented their homes during the summer. For them, it’s a great way to get a steady monthly income!

Since this period, housing for rent has been announced in its areas by 13.2%. Moreover, there will be no doubt that if you book in advance, you can have your lovely little dream home! If you’re afraid of getting bored during this summer vacation, the PAP Vacances website says 22% have already booked for this period. So you will never be alone!

Other sites that regulate these rentals have also shared the same information. For these summer holidays 2022, Airbnb announces that their booking rate has increased +50% over 2019. At Gîtes de France, they also note this +20% increase compared to 2021. Finally for ‘Abritel, their booking rate has increased to 30 %!

According to official statistics, Southeast regions are at the top of the listIn this race to reserve a house. Since it is the only area still warm enough during the summer holidays. It is said that last year this summer was marked by very bad and cold weather in other regions of France!

Summer vacation: the advantages of staying in the countryside!

First of all, regarding the expenses generated by coastal tourism, Being in nature is cheaper. It should be noted that renting a house in the country is ten times cheaper than in the city! Given your rather thin wallet, this option is good for keeping your family entertained during this summer vacation!

In addition, The countryside is far from the humble destination which we often tend to imagine. This place allows us to do many activities during summer vacation. Because the surrounding space is very wide! Very large swimming pools are often found in these cottages. All these benefits for a weekly credit of €1,313!

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