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Investment news and trends
This is how many stocks collapsed this year

Hundreds of stocks are trading more than 40% below their previous highs Read More

Gold prices are falling despite high inflation – and this is what will turn the tide

The sentiment of the market outlook should become more pessimistic. read more

This market strategist says stocks can gain 8% to 15% from here – giving anxious investors the perfect opportunity to sell

Hayes Martin expects a rally in the opposite direction in a bear market, and not the beginning of a new phase of a bull market. read more

8 ways to protect your money if you think stocks are falling more

If you’re seeing red in the stock market and want to change tactics, these funds can help. read more

These stocks rose during the pandemic and then crashed. You must now double ten in price.

The group grew by at least 300% in the pandemic before collapsing by 70% or more. read more

CEOs are so pessimistic that they don’t even buy shares of their companies at deep discounts

In April, insiders accelerated the selling pace as the stock market crashed. read more

S&P 500 general trends bearish, even after Fed rush

However, deep oversold conditions are starting to generate buy signals for the stock market. read more

Once ‘unicorn’ startups were so prized, investors and supporters stopped believing them

Car dealership Carvana and other money-losing businesses no longer capture the imagination of shareholders. read more

With interest rates rising, it’s time to focus on MANG stocks rather than FAANGs, says Jefferies

The combination of Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia and Alphabet is said to be a safer game as the Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy. read more

Recession fears are growing. Is this volatile stock market trying to tell us something?

The market is a discounting mechanism that tries to anticipate what’s coming. read more

Check out the little-known Vanguard chest that’s crushing – even in this market

It also outperforms its competitors from expensive and proprietary hedge funds. read more.

Hurray, the last of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger? Why meeting Berkshire Hathaway this year is so special

After a hiatus in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the event is back in shape in Omaha. read more

The goal of investing in ESG was to make the world a better place, but it’s become a “butter sauce” for companies, says NYU valuation expert

Aswath Damodaran argues that there are always trade-offs in business – no single metric can determine the good or bad of a business. read more

Action Red, Action Blue – Maga Republicans and Liberal Democrats bring politics to Wall Street

Political partisanship affects some investors and investments. Do conservatives get better stock market returns than liberals? read more

The majority of workers trust Social Security. Should you?

The latest ‘Retirement Confidence Survey’ is now available Read More

What to expect – and what to watch out for – when your financial advisor retires

How to pave the way for a smooth transition. read more

It’s never too early to start teaching kids the values ​​of investing and money

5 ways financial advisors can help bridge the financial literacy gap. read more

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