These startups offering professionals to outsource their shares

Warehousing and warehousing sector does not know the crisis. exactly the contrary :

“lamRenting storage space is an activity closely related to all crises, as people look to make ends meet and moves explode. We achieved 70% growth in 2020 and the same in 2021 in our historical activity, specifically in CtoC and BtoC”certifies Laure Corti, founder and director of Gustoy Corporation in Bordeaux.

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But during the health crisis, Jestocke also decided to launch into BtoB. “I wanted to go there for a long time but the crisis was a major accelerating factor. We have received more and more orders from specialists ”, acknowledges Laure Courty. As a result, Jestocke launched the service at the end of 2020. “Our first year was very good, we signed 130 clients, a third of whom are foreigners” She trusts La Tribune.

Logistics outsourcing

However, there is no copy and paste between the two activities.

At first, I naively thought that we could respond to professionals via our platform. But they have very specific needs. They have no storage problem but logistical problems. So we provide storage space and logistics. The needs of a professional are very complex and customers are often not supply chain experts.”she insists.

So Jestocke has established partnerships with logistics experts. Over 500 partners, at this point, across France.

“The average vacancy rate for logistics operators is 20%.”says Laure Corti.

From there, Jestocke retrieves the customer’s data, qualifies it and finds the appropriate logistician. “But we don’t just communicate. As a technology company, we have developed an application that allows the customer to easily communicate with the warehouse, to have a look at the inventory, and to follow the movements in the remote warehouse in real time. This allows repositories to organize themselves. They know exactly when customers and their goods will arrive.”explains Laure Courty who is currently communicating about the name of this new brand: Waresito.

Among the professional customers, there are foreign companies that test the European market, companies that do not have personnel dedicated to logistics when the goods leave their warehouses or even companies that have security problem and inventory follow-up.

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“We get the right product at the right time, because it faces, among other things, environmental challenges and demand for fast delivery. We are digitizing the supply chain that needed it. Moreover, while the Covid crisis has led to awareness of the importance of flexibility, it allows the company to to react more easily to an increase or, conversely, to a decrease in activity and to have variable rather than fixed costs “, Lore Corti analysis.

With Waresito, the company offers flexible or temporary contracts, depending on the requirements of each client. “There is no contract with an obligation on the 3-6-9 lease. As long as the customer has pallets inside the partner warehouse, there is a contract. Once pallets are no longer available, there is no further contract,” says Mathieu Patron, Director of Marketing at Waresito and Jestocke.

Laure Courty, founder of Jestocke who launched her Waresito brand for BtoB. Jestocke credit.

new actor

Flexibility is a term also introduced by another Bordeaux-based StockOn that launched in December 2021 and also claims a non-binding formula. Its founder is the director of BoatOn, which has been offering boat management and warehousing since 2018. “As we moved forward, we realized that another segment of customers had great needs, which were commercial activities, particularly in the areas of construction, e-commerce and handicrafts,” Bertrand Gerbaud is now back in search of vacancies not yet on the market. Indoor and outdoor spaces. “In 2018, there were 78 million square meters of warehouses in France according to the Ministry of Environmental Transformation “quick to remember.

On the supply side, StockOn places space in the marketplace that belongs to logistic platforms, carriers, couriers, SCI or even farmers. On the demand side, the company’s clients are logistic groups, wholesalers of food and non-food items, construction workers and e-commerce. StockOn, whose site will be completed over the summer, plans to eventually offer storage space every 40 kilometers on the coast and on the fringes of major cities.

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Justoy is recruiting

For its part, Jestocke, with Waresito, is already eyeing Europe. “Logistics has no limits and we already have customers abroad. There is great depth in the market with BtoB”, acknowledges Laure Courty who, within two years, BtoB activity should have been approved with BtoC and CtoC. Jestocke, which employs 35 people, should increase to about forty employees by the end of the year. The company hires salespeople, product and technology profiles, and some support functions.