This is the income that you consider rich in France

Money is a field with different sides, the latter also being taboo or prone to misunderstanding. So, is there a single source of wealth in France? Let’s see all this in this article!

Money taboo topic?

Some topics are taboo because of the different aspects that are brought up.

Thus, you should know that there are a lot, which allows to make a list. For this, we can know that the topics that are often forbidden in France are nothing but money and politics.

It is expressed because of the different aspects that interest them. This means that many of the differences have been highlighted in these areas, highlighting key contradictions for some.

Regarding money, the latter is especially taboo due to the large differences in salary that exist. And the latter are many, which means that some people earn more than others. This is not necessarily justified, highlighting the main contradictions.

We can clearly relate this to politics. Because you have to know that the ideas are very diverse and varied. Contradictions according to different people are also very present.

But is there a single source of wealth in France? And if so, what is it? The answer is in the rest of this article!

What is the wealth threshold in France?

Who says money, says wealth. But also its opposite, which is poverty.

The latter seems to be present more and more often, which may have a strong impact on the various damaged homes.

We also hear more about this poverty line which is often found in the media. To try to address this often recurring topic, the Inequality Observatory decided to devise a wealth threshold to balance the equilibrium.

But we must not forget that the poverty line, which relates to money received by the poorest families, raises major questions. In particular, the fragility of these homes. Which is directly affected by the rise in prices and inflation in various fields.

Regarding the money received by the richest French men and women, the observatory decided to classify the richest families according to a certain threshold.

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It mentions in particular the following: Our report aims to open our eyes to what France is today and must first stoke an informed and peaceful debate.“.

Be careful though! Various factors are taken into account in order to create a reliable result. Thus, the income wealth threshold was set at 3,673 euros per month after tax per capita. The figure for Paris is 5790 euros.

The amount is 5,500 euros for a couple without children. and 7,700 euros for a couple with two children, Le Monde reported.

Unexpected results?

The question of wealth and money is highly controversial. Various tools are introduced in order to be able to generate a reliable result.

But first of all, the following must be made clear about money: A person who earns more than twice what the average French earns is considered wealthy.“The Observatory explains.

But it is worth noting in particular that this makes it possible to highlight which families are doing better. An aspect that can become interesting to show the main points of contention in our society.

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There is no doubt that this whole question about money that French men and women perceive will be brought to the spotlight. Especially during televised debates in the future.

According to the collected figures, the proportion of the population that will be above the wealth threshold will represent 7% of the population, or approximately 4.5 million French.

It should be particularly noted that this finding should be considered more as a tool. And not as a standard to be raised in certain cases.

Money is an aspect that can greatly affect the French. But it especially allows to highlight the different aspects that we know.

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