Tips for starting a business at a lower cost

If it is currently impossible to set up a company for free due to administrative costs, there are some tips that can greatly reduce Construction cost. However, there is no miracle: in order to pay less, you must necessarily do more work. But there are also free tools that will save you time. Here are our tips on the matter.

Use simple, intuitive and free online tools

The Internet is full of interesting and free tools. Creation is not excluded. There are, in fact, many sites and applications that sometimes allow you to save large amounts of money on your expenses.

Regarding market research, for example: Instead of using paid solutions, try the free tools offered by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). Local Statistics Tool and Tool Mermaid It will be of great help to you.

To find and/or improve your business model, start from scratch and follow the Business Model Canvas method. This methodology, complete and accessible to everyone, will allow you to determine your strategic position by studying 9 important components.

Create your business plan with free online software

The Action Plan It is an essential step in any business venture. Its usefulness for the creator can no longer be demonstrated, since it allows him in particular to ensure the feasibility of his enterprise and measure wealth creation as objectively as possible.

This document is necessary to obtain professional finance. Also, banks often ask for it, just to open a bank account. However, there are many online applications that can write this document.

Once again, educate yourself. Some of them are free, such as the online application offered by BPI France, the application CCI Business Builder Developed by Chambers of Commerce and Industry or the app developed by Le Coin des Entrepreneurs.

Take care of drafting your company’s articles of association

At this level, there is no secret to anyone. To pay as little as possible, you should take care of the creation process yourself. Meanwhile, if you are planning to start a company, you will have to pay special attention to the drafting of the articles of association.

Articles of incorporation must include mandatory information, but also – and above all – provide for the distribution of voting rights among the partners. If you are there alone (case sasso or EUR), this does not pose a particular problem. You can use online status templates.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with other people, you will have to spend more time there. If necessary, and in order to avoid any future disagreements between the founding partners, do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

Carry out the legal procedures to create your own

Creating a company is characterized by the achievement of many legal procedures. In particular, it is necessary to block the capital, publish a legal declaration of incorporation and submit an application for registration in the commercial registry.

If several service providers offer to perform these procedures for you, the least expensive solution is to take care of them yourself. This will save you the costs of operating the service or the fees of a professional.

To do this, use an online press service that is authorized to receive Legal Ads. Block equity capital in a bank or banks located near you and send the application for registration on the free portal

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