Tired of the American giant, shut down the subway and replace it with Trip & Str’eat

It was a good experience because it allowed me to get started in entrepreneurship and discover the processes and rigor needed to run a restaurant like this. But there’s nothing we can do about it, and that’s what made me leave.”Explains Rémy Piotrowska, former Subway franchise manager at Allée Jean Jaurès, which has now been replaced by the in-house Trip & Str’eat concept.

The adventure will last exactly ten years. Opened May 5, 2012 at No. 23, Allée Jean Jaurès, an unmissable avenue in Toulouse that connects the Hyper Center to Matabeu station, this Parisian entrepreneur’s metro concession lowered the curtain on May 5, 2022. Economically viable, fast food no longer provides its stimulus manager Required to manage a team of about ten employees.

The entrepreneur, who also heads up the EVA franchise in Montodran, teamed up with a Subway manager at Place de la Trinité (a few steps from Esquirol metro station) to fantasize and then open his new establishment. A trade for which they are not accountable to anyone.

“Subway, I’m really tired”

They effectively explain that Subway’s group is “A mastodons” Which leaves little freedom for franchisees, even though about 70% of the brand’s French restaurants are franchisees.

“It’s normal for them to give their opinion, that’s in keeping with the franchise. But without wanting to discredit Subway, since 2014, we sensed the zeitgeist. We had ideas to introduce another kitchen, to introduce something new. But it wasn’t possible. These are things. It happened five or six years later. Everything takes a long time.”says Remy Piotrovska.

According to Subway d’Esquirol director, this slowdown is explained by the international group’s lack of interest in the French market for a while. It must be said that sandwiches to create self is struggling to beat the sector leader in France, with about 400 points of sale against about 1500 points for McDonald’s. The situation is similar in the Toulouse region, with nine Subway restaurants for 20 McDos.

Sebastien Jara notes that “everything is completely centralized in the US. Subway has neglected France a bit for years because it is a very small market for them. This policy has changed in the past four years.”

The brand has effectively changed the strategy in the country. The show has evolved, as has the group’s publishing plan (200 openings planned by 2025), and the relationship it maintains with franchisees. A new franchise contract was drawn up, for example, in 2021, after the previous contract saw many of its clauses rescinded in the first place by the Paris Commercial Court in October 2020. Several franchisees and former franchisees have denounced the contract”Imbalance“.

Developments that did not always allow Subway to forget the feeling of fatigue that gradually spread among its local partners. Sebastian chose to keep his restaurant in La Trinity Square: “It’s my livelihood a bit, but I want to see something else”, he admits. Remy preferred to put an end to ten years of cooperation with the giant. More than a bad thing, the entrepreneurs saw an opportunity there. Together they bought the company and ventured into creating their own concept: Journey & Str’eat.

We have everything to build.

The two entrepreneurs are now running their own businesses (Credits: Melvin Gardette).

dirty? a map food street (Translator “food street) inspired by Rémy Piotrowska’s travels around the world, prepared by a chef; All in a sober environment that takes on certain codes of being the fast food they come from (the comparison to Subway stops at this detail). To achieve this result, more than 500,000 euros were invested.

“Financially, the risk is more important. For the rest, you have to think about everything from the ground up, while we are guided when creating a franchise. But the big positive point is freedom. We can test our map for example: add and remove creations as we see fit. …”Remy explains, too proud of the possibility that he might be wrong.

The fact remains that about ten days after opening, the two partners are having a hard time hiding their stress behind their sweet smiles. Easily recognized:Everything must be done‘, says the former franchisor. They both know that the future of the company and its eight employees depend entirely on their decisions, and that their organization’s bad reputation starts from scratch. It’s a first in their careers as an entrepreneur.

A benchmark for every new independent trader who discovers their reality concretely, without undermining their morale. They benefit from the main advantages: a very good job with a balcony, a view that satisfies the desires of post-Covid consumers, and a strong professional network that they have built during their careers.

To increase their chances of success, they do not exclude addressing the professionals with a BtoB offer. Remy actually stopped using the caterer he ordered when companies privatized his EVA virtual reality room, located in Montodran. The collaborators will now dine at Trip and Str’eat. “They will be able to discover our kitchen in their work environment’ The person who is now claiming to be Frozen Zero got excited.

No frozen products, only fresh produce.

Excursion and avenue of Toulouse

Trip & Str’eat is betting on a varied menu that will delight those who simply want a drink, as well as those who want to discover flavors from elsewhere (Credits: Melvin Gardet).

“The idea was still for local produce. We cook from all over the world, so there are necessarily products that require import, but if they’re made locally, that’s where the baker in Les Carmes, the cheese maker in Arnaud Bernard, is bought Fresh produce from Victor Hugo Market … The main objective of our cuisine is to approach the kitchen of a traditional restaurant “Businessman details.

Ceviche, falafel, burrito, ramen, fish and chips or even traditional burgers are on the menu, prepared in front of customers by the chef. Unless they order online, Uber Eats and Deliveroo refer to commerce.

At the end of 2022, Remy Piotrovska and Sebastian Jara hope to generate sales of €287,000, and then €500,000 in 2023. They expect annual growth of 10-15% in the following years. In case of success, the leaders of the project do not exclude the opening of other enterprises of the same name. Allowing themselves the possibility to dream for a few moments, they even imagine the opposite of their story: what if franchisees finally became franchisors?