To boost e-commerce sales, Pierre Bellemare’s remote shopping is back in 2.0 . mode

Pierre Bellemare will probably be delighted with these posterity. Comedians mocked the host, who died in 2018, for importing phone shopping into France. The great narrator succeeded in mastering an American concept in the 1980s: today, through China, phone shopping is making a strong comeback, being renamed direct shopping or direct shopping.

For the Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Selling (Fevad), this new form of purchasing products shown directly in videos will be a major trend in 2022.

Pierre Bellemare, who passed away in 2018, succeeded in importing the concept of remote shopping into France

In the context of the continuous growth of e-commerce, 45% of French online shoppers find “the concept of direct shopping interesting”.

Kevin Lou Giader, Director of Marketing at Influence4you Agency, describes the principle: “It has been years since remote shopping 2.0 entered Chinese consumption habits. Dedicated apps allow you to buy and pay with one click while watching a video. It is a very powerful tool. The host can advertise About a live promotion, which leads to a purchase.

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Kevin Le Guyader suggests that “the 12-hour live broadcast has generated €250 million in sales volume for a cosmetic brand”. Impact Agency 4you has developed a direct online shopping guide

Influencers sell products directly

In 2021, French distribution and e-commerce groups tested this formula.

Launching a local experience of remote shopping while locked up in Nevers (Le Journal du Centre)

Carrefour has just partnered with online media company Brut. If brands and retailers start shooting their own salespeople, “You first have to create an audience, which is why direct shopping uses influencers. Fnac-Darty, for example, called YouTube star Squeezie,” concludes the expert from the agency Influence4you.

The other level is technical: “Applications that allow instant purchase are not yet launched in Europe. At the moment, when you like a product, you have to interrupt the live broadcast to pay on the site with your bank card.

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Another blow to ‘physical’ and independent trade? According to Kevin Le Guyader: “In China, even market traders sell their fruits and vegetables through live videos!”.

Facing the wave of online commerce, stores in the city are resisting

Two years after the health crisis, without a boom like e-commerce, “physical” stores show a certain resilience, to varying degrees depending on the sector of activity.

“There was awareness among consumers in favor of their merchants, who, with the support of the measures intended for city centres, had gained fame,”

Francis Palombi (President of the Federation of French Merchants)

Despite everything, the last quarter of 2021 and winter sales of 2022 were “bad due to the spread of the virus and remote work.”

2021 was not a linear year, but city center franchisees saw an 11.4% increase in their sales, while store turnover in malls fell by 25%. In general, the regions do much better than the Parisian trade, which has been hurt by the resentment of foreign tourists.

Selling clothes on Vinted.

As a good measure, Fevad points out that e-commerce is a major player in reuse.

Le Bon Coin or Vinted, champions of second-hand works, are among the most visited; While major merchant websites have launched marketplaces dedicated to sales of second-hand goods among individuals.
This is the case, for example, at La Redoute, which opened the “carousel” site in December 2020, “more economical and more ecological”.

Julian Rabigno

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