Today, nature appears as a catalyst for the family’s well-being on vacation

The Parks Center reveals the results of its observatory “Capturing Hearing”. The first edition that focuses primarily on the time spent with family and its effect on the quality of parent-child relationships.

Parent-child: a good relationship

One might think that in the face of an uncertain context, family relationships will weaken. Well, no! Parents declare They have a good relationship with their children or stepchildren (8.1/10) and rate their quality of family life at 7.2/10 on average.. They describe it as Joyful (65%), Razia (52%). And the harmonious (48%). and while 95% of parents think their children are happy, and 31% are sure!

However, we note The differences between families. And therefore , Mixed families, single parents, and divorced parents give lower scores to their relationships with their children/children., with 6.9/10, 7.8/10 and 7.4/10, respectively. Moreover, the study shows that Parents without professional activityso it no longer exists inside the house , Tend to rate better their relationship with their children.

Because every moment we spend together counts

In a context where everything is going faster and faster, the idea of ​​time is at the heart of parent-child relationships. whether 92% of respondents agree with the statement “As a parent, I know I’m not perfect, but I do my best” Many feel distress (70%) or even guilt (58%) for not being able to spend enough time with their children.

According to the participants, Sharing hobbies (59%), communicating easily (55%) and performing regular family rituals (54%) contribute strongly to family happiness. Conversely, the perceived drawbacks are: lack of time to spend complicity moments during the week (31%) and only formal times (20%).

When asked “How you can improve your relationship with your children,” 48% of the parents surveyed said they “spend more free time together”; 43% limit screens and 38% take a family trip.

Time yes, but quality

The impact of the health crisis on this question of time remains an interesting lesson. Indeed, restrictions and restrictions on going out in general have contributed Improving the quality of family relationshipsAnd the Because they let the parents Use this email to send me specials (45%) And that workers from home should be more available (50%).

with the crisis, A third of families had to change their organization, and more specifically Parisian families, large single-parent families. today, 84% of parents who redesigned their organization want to keep these changes; Mainly organizing more activities and outings (60%).

Beneficial changes because they allow them to spend more time with family (44%), and Particularly enjoyable time with family (34%).

Nature as a safe haven

71% of parents surveyed indicated that nowadays, in getting out of the crisis, their priority in terms of family life is the promotion of outings Nature walks (40%) and weekend getaways with family (32%).

To have a good time with your family, Therefore, approximately 1 in 2 parents prefer to live in nature. A safe haven, nature today appears to be a catalyst for family well-being. Back to basics, to simple things to simply and truly enjoy with your loved ones.

according to Laurène Beurdeley, Director of Marketing and Sales at Center Parcs: The results of this first observatory show that parents are very attentive, even demanding, when it comes to the time they spend with their children. The key to this family happiness lies in the moments of sharing where everyone is really present and enjoying the moment, free from stress and without getting caught up in everyday life. Their growing need to reconnect with nature at the end of the crisis shows that the path Center Parcs has taken since its inception is the right one. We continue to develop our offer in this direction to provide families with this perfect meeting place. »

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