Togo – 2nd E-Commerce Week: Challenges and Opportunities!

Togo Pride Association announces the organization of 2y Trade Week edition from June 22 to 28. The meeting will bring together the e-commerce ecosystem, with the aim of reflecting on challenges and opportunities in the context of post-Covid-19 recovery.

(Cio mag) – About 300 people are expected to attend in person at this 2y Togo e-commerce week edition, 3000 online. At the center of the discussions are the challenges and opportunities for e-commerce players in the era of post-Covid-19 recovery. Togo Pride, the association organizing the event and its partners this weekend, would like to further promote online commerce in Togo.

The health context of COVID-19 has accelerated new uses in commerce. This global trend in online ordering was also being felt in Togo. within 2y In e-commerce week’s edition, the promoters plan to encourage people to switch more to online purchases. At the same time, they launch the debate on proposing alternative and innovative solutions, in relation to the players in the sector.

The 2022 edition of E-Commerce Week therefore aims to “contribute to the sustainable incorporation of digital transactions into the habits of consumers in Togo, in order to achieve real progress,” Togo Pride and its partners explain. They argue that the ultimate goal is “the emergence of an innovative and efficient digital industry that creates jobs and shared wealth with real economic impact on all value chains in the ecosystem.”

favorable environment

More than six (6) million Togolese have subscribed to mobile services, according to data for the fourth quarter of 2021 published by ARCEP-Togo. According to the same data, the fixed and mobile Internet penetration rate is estimated at 74.91%. The high penetration rate of mobile terminals and the Internet is an opportunity to boost e-commerce in Togo. Transportation services, catering, assistance services, online sales and purchases… The e-commerce system is gradually filled with diverse players.

In a study on the development of e-commerce in Togo published in December 2021, the Togolese Ministry of Trade estimated that “more and more merchants are embarking on or interested in the digital sales adventure.” The study reveals that “technology startups are the origin of innovative ideas that make it possible to circumvent current problems by creating an opportunity to develop e-commerce compatible with the reality of the country and thus popularize transactions on the Internet.”

Skip the obstacles

Data from the Ministry of Commerce study – December 2021

According to the study conducted by the Ministry of Commerce with UNCTAD, in terms of the volume of online transactions, the development of e-commerce is still relatively in Togo. The market is still limited and internet access is not optimal everywhere. The result: digital payment solutions are still underutilized. Added to this is the complexity of delivery due to incorrect address and the like. “The most important obstacles, other than Internet access, are procedures for preparing electronic payments, logistics and supervision of delivery methods, as well as cybersecurity and consumer protection. These last two questions are essential, as they are closely related to the lack of consumer confidence in online payment methods, which is a common problem in the entire sub-region, as the report published in December 2021 confirms.

Data from the Ministry of Commerce study – December 2021

With 83% cash on delivery, e-commerce must adapt to the reality of the country where mobile penetration is estimated at 75.5% by ARCEP in the fourth quarter of 2021. It shows very well in the data from the Ministry of Commerce study. Payment by mobile money accounts for 78% of payment methods. In the face of this reality, local companies are emerging to offer secure and reliable mobile payment solutions.

According to UNCTAD’s B2C E-Commerce Index, Togo was ranked 131st in 2020; It ranked 111 out of 144 countries in 2017. A progression that would relieve the organizers of E-Commerce Week and the entire ecosystem to continue the procedures to accustom more Togolese to online commerce.

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