Tomorrow is ours: What awaits you in Episode 1202 for Tuesday, June 7, 2022 [SPOILERS] TV news series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Is Ours”… while Stanislas makes a proclamation that will change Audrey’s life, Samuel and Victoire agree to help Florian for a while longer. At the same time, Nour feels a new disappointment.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow’s episode of Our King tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Tuesday 7 June Tomorrow is ours…

Stanislas creates an idea that will change the life of AUDREY

After discovering several photos of the Russell family in Stanislas’ belongings, Camille shares her discovery with her mother. As the teenager tries once again to make him open his eyes to the true nature of the leader, the latter joins them and makes an exciting announcement: Leo Russell is his son!

A few years ago, Stanislas met Eve, Audrey’s sister, when he was living in the West Indies. Crazy in love with her, the latter left him overnight without explanation. Last year, Stanislas met a mutual friend who told him that Eve committed suicide in 2015, leaving behind an orphaned son. The dates were identical to their poets but when he saw the picture of little Leo he immediately realized that it was his son. So he returned to settle in France to look for her. After being tracked down, the captain followed the Russell family to Set.

When Raphael tries to understand why he didn’t tell her sooner, Stanislas pretends he wasn’t expecting to fall in love when he was going to find his son. Since he wants to be a part of Leo’s life, Rafael, who wants to help him, immediately offers to assert his rights.

Later, Camille tells the whole story to Sebastian and Chloe. For the prosecutor, Stanislas orchestrated everything from the start, including a motorcycle accident. By marrying Raphalle, he could, according to him, obtain the ideal social status for obtaining custody. Fearing that his daughter is in danger, Sebastian contacts Dean Raynaud so that you dig about the death of Yves Roussel.

Meanwhile, Raphael and Stanislas reach for the spoon and announce the news to Audrey. When she understands that he wants to restore guardianship over Leo, the latter indicates to him that he has no rights over him. In fact, Eve made a request to the notary who stipulated that in the event of misfortune, Audrey would have guardianship of Leo. Now, she raised him for seven years as if he was her son. She has also applied for full adoption and is sure to get it.

Panicked, Audrey returns home and trusts Damien. Eve had been living in the West Indies for a few years when she crossed paths with a certain Stan. Since he was a violent man, she left him overnight to protect her child after learning she was pregnant. If he could never find her, Stan kept sending her letters with threats for two years.

In 2015, Eve found a job in Brittany, and that year Audrey received a call from the police announcing the death of her sister. According to the authorities, the young woman committed suicide by jumping off the bridge, but Audrey never dared to confess the truth to her children. For them, Eve died of a ruptured aneurysm.

In the afternoon, Sarah informs Damien that she is investigating the death of Yves Russell. As he tries to understand why, the policewoman tells him that the police have Stanislas in their sights. Without waiting, Damien assures her that Stanislas is a violent man and that’s why Eve left him eleven years ago. The suicide hypothesis becomes suspect, Sarah will continue her research and put Roxanne on the spot. Damian decides to help them dig alone. If Stanislas is related to Eve’s death, it is out of the question that he would approach Leo and Audrey.

Not far from there, Audrey spends time with Leo. Moved, the mother of the family could not help but hug him tightly. Then remind him of how important it is not to talk to strangers.

At the end of the day, Stanislas confesses to Raphael that he fears never getting custody of his son. Then the lawyer is positive and asks him to trust her.

At the station, Damien carefully studies the autopsy report of Yves Roussel. The body of the deceased did not show any signs of violence before falling, hence the result of suicide. For her part, Roxanne identified several suicides that occurred on the same bridge. Looking at the photos of the corpses, Damien immediately noticed that there was very little blood around Eve, which meant her heart wasn’t working for several minutes before the impact. To him, someone dumped Eve’s body to make it look like a suicide…

Samuel and Factuer agree to help Florian for a while longer

Florian remains elusive from the great discontent of Victoire and Samuel who are exhausted by the little boy who keeps crying. At the end of their rope, the couple decided to call the professionals by enlisting the help of Aurore and William.

Thanks to William’s advice, baby Samuel ends up sleeping peacefully. If he hopes to seize the opportunity to rest, Samuel will unfortunately have to shop for the newborn.

Back home, Samuel receives a letter from Florian who has just arrived at Set. Without waiting, the doctor gives her his address to come and pick up her son. Victoire and Samuel are already thrilled at the idea of ​​getting their freedom back.

However, the couple were soon disappointed when Florian begged them to keep her child for a few more days. In fact, her son’s father is not in Narbonne but in Lille. So she intends to go there to convince him to return to Set. After accepting Victoire and Samuel, Florian thanked them warmly.

Noor has a new mind

On Cedric’s birthday, Nour would like them to go for the weekend to La Grande Motte. Cedric had hoped to spend time with his partner, but Jahia told him that they had also organized a family weekend for him in Ardesh. So he will have to choose between his family and his partner.

Once he chooses Cedric, he arranges to meet Noor at the Spoon and cancels the weekend. In fact, the father of the family needs to put things in order with his children. However, the nurse promises to make another appointment so they can go on a romantic weekend. Despite her disappointment, Noor understands.

On her return, she surrenders to her sister. She then explains that she is not sure she can hold this position for very long and that she feels like she is taking a back seat. To his delight, Soraya offers to take them away for the weekend, which Nour happily accepts.

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