Transville Network. Bus drivers have to pee in nature and demand toilets

Dimitri, a bus driver since 2009 with Transvilles, and several of his colleagues launched a petition that brought together a large number of Transvilles network employees, all professions combined. Over a hundred signatures in total. Representatives of the Union of Majority Power Ouvrière are missing. Shame. The petition could have been fired a long time ago, as the problem you deplore persists and because it has always existed, so to speak, despite many CSE questions that have remained unanswered or with unsatisfactory answers.

They ask for toilets at every station

Finally, it was the weariness of not being heard, even their contempt, mixed with some indignation, that drove the drivers to work for good. Their only claim is based on a very basic need that surprises as much as it shocks: the ability to urinate in designated health facilities. Bus drivers require toilets at every stop, especially on the S1 line between Bruay and Trith, where there are no toilets at all. The Transvilles network has a total of 80 terminals. It is hard to imagine that they can all be equipped …

Official urinalysis.

I learned that colleagues go to pee in the bushes, at the stations. I have already had to go to the forest of Bonsecours, in Condésays the driver. When I groan, I’m told – you love everyone else, find a corner somewhere … or otherwise – the visible ass is not lost. “Men have a bad habit of urinating outside,”Like it’s normal.. “”During medical visits, urological examinations are official: occupational medicine tells us that we are not drinking enough waterNot to mention urinary tract infections and prostate problems,” says the driver.

“We pass as a big nasty”

In fact, many drivers give up drinking to avoid having to urinate during their ride. “Besides the fact that we have very few places to do this, we don’t have time. Out of professional conscience, we avoid asking for a urinate break and delay travelers as much as possible.Not to mention that in the absence, even outright, the driver must put his bus to safety, take his bag, suitcase, and run to the restrooms, at the risk of delaying the entire queue. “Monster chaos.“Then there”trade mark“.”At the Transvilles site, customers criticize the fact that they see us pee outside. Tiger of great disgust. “

“It’s not progressing as quickly as we would like.”

Do not overdo it, according to the management of RATPDev. There will be no sick leave related to the subject of discontent among bus drivers. “Nobody is putting themselves in danger“, confirms Arnaud Meunier, Marketing Director, who remembers that drivers are authorized to delay in meeting a normal need.”We want to improve the topic, it is part of the projects that the management and Simuov are undertaking. But it’s not moving as fast as we want it to… ”and for good reason: Simouv is preparing to renew the launcher in 1Verse January 2023. The RATPDev may or may not be renewed for the next seven years.

Sanitary facilities are equipped in Crespin

In this context, a change of line can occur,”Which means the stations may not be in the same place“.The drivers sigh.”They are always changing the grid and everything starts from scratch every time… “The good news is the same: the development of a health facility in Crespin, which has been in demand for a long time, is on the right track. It has taken time to find the land and get the licenses and connections … RATPDev and Simuov say they are ready to look at developments In the meantime, drivers will have to make do with Auchan Petite-Forêt, Espace Villars in Denain, Le Boulon in Condé, Famars or even Valenciennes.

Right of Reply for Majority Union FO

Dear Colleagues,

It is known that worms do not only make gestures of rotten apples …

In order to clarify the article published on May 6 in the Observateur de Valenciennes about the toilets at the end of the class, your union of the majority must take back the truth! Working groups were formed to improve the working conditions of employees. Your elected representatives at CSE have worked together to provide and continue to provide maximum welfare at work in collaboration with the members of CSSCT. As a reminder, members of the CSSCT as well as the CSE Secretary to the Department intervened on “toilets at the end of the line” more than two years ago; The land was purchased by the Regulatory Authority in connection with Line 5 (Crespin station) for the installation of real hard toilets, supplied with water and not open to all site toilets!

Line 1 is also subject to instructions and toilets will soon be installed there! We remind you, dear colleagues, that orders and authorizations are made through city halls, and not with the operator. Dear colleagues of Lutte Ouvrière or Lutte Ouvrière who were on the list during the last municipal elections, you should start by interfering with the Bruay municipal council rather than promoting petitions that could hurt you again …. Think before you act as foolish fellow! Your elected CSE representatives, your majority union acting in the collective interest; Today many of you congratulate us for our work, for the sake of improving working conditions. Admittedly, there is still work to be done on certain services, but make sure your majority union makes it a priority!

PS: What have you been doing for two years!

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