Uri. Coverville Village has two other business leaders

Lucy Lambert set up her own self-employed company, Broad & Bowles, after a left arm handicap. © Neutrality

Lucy Lambert, “Broideries & Bubbles”

After working in the trade and in the factory, Lucy Lambert undertook professional training after a disability in her left arm.

I have always loved sales and cosmetics, so I naturally created my own business, first in the form of an online store and then a workshop.

Lucy Lambert, Broad and Paul

This includes selling organic and natural cosmetics as well as personalized embroidery, hence the name “Brode & Bulles.” A mother of three who has lived in Coverville for twelve years, she makes working with French suppliers a point of honour.

APO soap is handcrafted in northern France. They are environmental and skin conscious. I also have a full range of shower gels with donkey’s milk and goat’s milk, not to mention the arrival of the Endro range with essential oils for face and body and the 100% natural sunscreen set.

Customers who want to have a moment of relaxation will find what they are looking for with our bathroom set: bath pearls, bath bombs, sparkling macaroons, fondant, etc.

Lucie also offers custom embroidery for individuals and professionals on bath sheets, tea towels, aprons or baby bathrobes, but also bespoke creations of embroidered textiles (bed linen, towels, clothing). “Everything can be done from a mannequin or a photo,” she says.

This will make absolutely beautiful original gifts such as boxes for Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Brode & Bulles, 2 rue de la Chaudière in Cuverville. Like. : 06 22 37 29 11. Location

Treatments for young and old with Audrey Esthétique

Aesthetics of OR Coverville Audrey
Audrey Thichart realized a young girl’s dream of opening her own beauty salon in her home. © Neutrality

33-year-old Audrey Thichart realizes a young girl’s dream. In October, she opened her own beauty salon, called Audrey Esthétique.

Videos: Currently in Actu

I’ve always wanted to be a beautician. But after I got my bac, they closed the doors for me.

Audrey Techart, Aesthetics of Audrey

Ten years ago, she and her husband created Lecœur, a company specializing in fences and gates. But the couple’s ambition is to create a place dedicated to luxury with guest rooms and a spa. While waiting for this big project to take place, Audrey got her CAP Aesthetics in six months.

It was complicated to do my internship because salons were closed due to covid. A beauty friend trained me in hair removal, facials and body massages.

The esthetician is also trained in nails but admits he has a penchant for care. So she turned a room in her upstairs house into an institute. A real little cocoon in which customers are satisfied. Waxing, manicure and pedicure, facials, Californian massage, hot stone massage, Audrey Thichart will take care of a second youth. But the young businessman does not stop there.

After discovering Colin Maillard, who offers products for children, she got exclusivity within a 15 km radius. The brand does not address the needs of the skin but aims to provide comprehensive comfort for children between the ages of 3 and 14.

The treatment protocol includes games, emotions, breathing exercises, and even modeling. Depending on what feelings the child feels, the care will be different.

It remains only to try with the family.

Aesthetics of Audrey, 5bis Grande Street. Contact: 06 77 28 07 14 or audrey.thiechart@gmail.com Facebook page: Audrey Esthétique

Open house Saturday 11 June

With the end of the school year approaching, Lucy Lambert organizes an open house on Saturday 11 June from 10 am to 7 pm at the “Brode & Bulles” workshop, located at 2D rue de la Chaudière in Cuverville. The opportunity to discover cosmetic boxes and give personalized gifts to school teachers and mistresses. The auto entrepreneur will provide entertainment for children: an inflatable structure and fun activities. Audrey Esthétique joins Brode & Bulles to offer kids treatments (scrubs, magic masks, massage balms) and gift cards for body or facial treatments


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