Vacations in Quebec: the best nature stays

From four-star hotels and resorts to rustic cabins and wild – or very urban – campgrounds! -, there is a full range of accommodations and stays in the national parks and Sépaq regions. The common denominator: its exceptional location in the most beautiful natural places in Quebec.

Do you want to explore Quebec? From one end of the province to the other, Sépaq offers a formidable array of experiences in 23 national parks and 13 wildlife sanctuaries. While some like to recharge their batteries in a cozy hotel and enjoy the pleasures of a gastronomic table, others prefer pitching their tent at the edge of a lake or river full of fish to live in the present – and cook their own food. Wood fire for dinner. Each corner of heaven has its own definition of luxury! No matter what type of experience is chosen, nature and its benefits are always there. The guides, animators and enthusiastic staff, for their part, are eager to share their knowledge of the areas and ecosystems we must protect. Throughout the Sépaq network, everything is done to help visitors experience unforgettable moments and learn about Quebec’s natural heritage.

Discover Anticosti
Change the scenery and wonder guaranteed
The luxury, the real thing, is getting the chance to explore a wild, wonderfully preserved area with very little hesitation. Located in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Anticosti Island is a must goals that a person would like or wish to achieve in his life, Because it is a must-see sight with its vast white cliffs, tumbling valleys, and emerald rivers where salmon come to spawn. Here, it’s seals that bask in the sun rather than tourists, and you encounter more white-tailed deer than humans. The perfect location to enjoy nature face to face! Offering stays such as the all-inclusive package and comfort at the Auberge Port-Meunier, which includes air transfers from Mont-Joli, meals, borrowing electric bikes and barges, and a guided day at Parc national d’Anticosti, Sépaq now makes this paradise island reserved for wealthy fishermen and fishermen. Note: Other types of packages are also available, especially in cabins overlooking the sea, with or without fishing.

mountain holidays
To unhook completely
In the heart of the Gaspésie National Park, at the foot of the stunning Chic-Chocs Mountains, the Gîte du Mont-Albert offers all the amenities of a large urban hotel in an upscale setting, with a gourmet table as a bonus. An ideal location for relaxation and outdoor excursions. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, pool and sauna: there is no shortage of activities. Want to get off the beaten track? At 615 meters above sea level in the Matane Wildlife Refuge, the Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs is simply breathtaking. Only eighteen rooms, with attention to detail, attentive service, healthy and delicious meals, and a spa where you can relax after a day of exploring on foot, bike or kayak. But beware: no TV or cellular network! In short, an exceptional destination, where there is a good chance of meeting one of the majestic deer that lives in its forests.

All vacations inclusive
To escape and have fun with the family
Just 30 minutes from Quebec City, on the shore of majestic Lake Saint Joseph, Duchesnay Tourist Station has a special place for families. There is a new marine center and a sandy beach with a floating pier where you can relax on deck chairs, as well as a volleyball court and trails for hiking and cycling. Not to mention the aerial adventure course on the trees! A team of animators offer a range of activities geared to youngsters or adults, such as geocaching or archery. In terms of accommodation, you can stay in one of the 48 very comfortable rooms of the four-star lodge or book one of the two 8 and 12-room lodges, complete with a kitchen and living room, for a family party. Another option: the new, modern and cozy Oxygène Chalets, which can accommodate 4-16 people with complete peace of mind. Regardless of accommodation type, children and young people under the age of 18 stay free of charge in their parents’ room.

Cabins & Camping
To recharge your batteries away from the city noise
Want a 100% natural experience? It is possible to escape to a country shelter or a camp in the middle of nature to gain sacred peace. You can also embark on the adventure of a canoe camping course, planned with the advice of the experienced staff. But those who want more comfort have a choice. Thus, the camping-ready units, with their large tents already constructed including beds, additional heating and lighting, cooking equipment – and toilets nearby – offer an experience that appeals to families, couples, and groups of friends. . Tents are an unusual option that is gaining more and more followers. Beautiful wooden chalets with large windows have replaced some campgrounds. At the St. Maurice Wildlife Refuge, for example, Horizon Chalets, which debuted in 2020, focus on solar energy while retaining a basic wood-burning stove. More comfortable and practical, it takes nothing away from the charm of staying in this wonderful corner of the country.

Backed by the commitment of its team, Sépaq enhances the regions and public assets entrusted to it and ensures their sustainability for the benefit of its customers, regions of Quebec and future generations. It connects people with nature.

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