Vibrations, a Photographic Collection of Botanical Meditations by Henri Foucault

A multidisciplinary artist associated with photography and sculpture, Henri Foucault He offers us a sublime botanical meditation percussion instrumentfor him photographic herbarium Recently Posted in Delpire & Co . Publications.

© Henri Foucault

Giverny, an outdoor workshop

The aquatic plants Immortalized by Henri Foucault using ancient photographic process They are not randomly selected: they all come from Legendary Giverny GardenClaude Monet’s Refuge. In 2015 the artist accepted the invitation of the Museum of Impressionism in Giverny, which then launched the idea for the exhibition ” Photographing Monet’s Gardens “.

© Henri Foucault

Like a brilliant painter, Henri Foucault left himself so fascinated by this garden that he visited several times a month for two years. In all seasons, the photographer shoots first with an iPhone or a Polaroid a Ten introductory shots freeze shapes that captivate.

While working at Giverny, I understood why Claude Monet settled here. The wind blows easily at this bend in the Seine, and the sky is constantly changing. The vibrations, reflections of weeping willows on the pond are an integral part of the landscape and the fascination that this garden provides.

Henri Foucault

Photography, photographic sculpture

Then with graphing, an age-old process the artist has been exploring since the 1990s, he “sculpts” his images, and he introduces himself as a “photographer sculptor”. Henri Foucault arranges the aquatic perennials one by one that accompanied him to his studio on a photosensitive sheet exposed directly to the light. These “photos” without any device that allows it H Talbot Before him, to be as close as possible to his subject.

© Henri Foucault

As a visual artist, he constantly poses and moves the plant during the exhibition. On the surface, Henri Foucault sculpts blurs, gradations of gray, and plays with shadows and light as movement is read, evoking wind or wave. This dynamic allows images to be captured Unique strength and aestheticsbut also a life engine that extends to plant life, far from being a still life.

The accomplishment of the photographic gesture should be as intense as the sculptural gesture. The simplest technique of photographic origins, photography – the image of an object without a negative, at a scale of 1 – immediately imposed itself.

Henri Foucault

© Henri Foucault

Printing and moving factories

The discovery of the unreal images that result from these suspenseful moments invites us in turn to slow down, to drown our eyes in The beauty of these botanical shapes with animated lines. Flirting with abstraction, and distancing himself from pure form, the Photographs of Vibrations are worthy heirs of the Impressionist current, but also work through Matisse And the’Ellsworth Kelly. Like them, Henri Foucault shares a taste for form and graphic form.

Monograph – Herbarium, Vibrations Reveal over 80 pages 45 copies of Giverny’s photographs. The white screen-printed cover and removable cover with metal fasteners add to the elegance of these reinvented botanical plates. To the poetry of pictures joins the poetry of words. Writer and Director Bertrand SchaefferPhilosopher Apprentice Sign white water lilyin a sad allusion to malarm.

the book percussion instrument (25.8 x 30 cm, 80 p.) Available for €45 on the Delpire & Co website and at Fnac. Luxurious work also benefited from the support of Parfums Christian Dior.

On the occasion of this publication, Gallery Library Delberus & Share (13 rue de l’Abbaye, 75006) Celebrating nature all through June. Meetings, books, and exhibitions give the Parisian public the opportunity to explore contemporary representations of plants.

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