VISIOMED GROUP – Visiomed Group presents its strategic plan – 05/25/2022 – 08:00

Paris, 25 May 2022

VISIOMED Group (FR0013481835 – ALVMG), a group dedicated to innovative health technologies and services, presents its strategic plan.

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On Renewed Governance in April 2022[1] With expertise and strong values ​​(innovation, agility, and simplicity), the group showcases its vision: putting new technologies and prevention at the center of the healthcare offering.

Relying on its reference shareholder, the investment company PARK PARTNERS GP, access to conventional, undiluted financing is now possible thanks to a balance sheet without financial debt and a profitable activity (consolidated EBITDA of €0.5 million at 2not available half of 2021), VISIOMED GROUP intends to accelerate the process of value creation thanks to 3 strong axes:

  • the growth of its subsidiaries,
  • structuring acquisitions,
  • Activate synergy within the group.

Smart Salem

Led by a new team, Smart Salem (100% subsidiary of Physiomed Group operating the only digital medical center in Dubai) and thus has a significant growth target for its core business “Medical Fitness”. Thanks in particular for the opening of the second “INDEX” center in August 2022, Smart Salem should record an initial turnover[2] 2022 of €22.2 million and an initial EBITDA of €12.2 million, at a margin rate of 55%.

Buell connection

The erratic performance and losses of BewellConnect (a subsidiary of VISIOMED GROUP providing connected health solutions) encourage management to conduct a full diagnostic and consider redeployment of the company, with background work on the basis of cost control.

The group is now focusing on submitted projects around these three strategic areas, will communicate regularly on their progress and will propose a consolidated financial ambition for fiscal year 2022 as soon as possible.

About the Physiomed group

Founded in 2007, VISIOMED GROUP develops and markets innovative, uses-focused health products and services. Its mission: to make innovation at the service of everyone’s health, proceeding from the needs of each individual. BewellConnect®, its Connected Health subsidiary, today focuses all of the VISIOMED Group’s expertise in e-health for the general public as well as for players in the health world through a complete ecosystem of solutions that improve prevention, treatment and medical follow-up. It has evolved and markets in particular VisioCheck®1the time A mobile and connected teleconsultation station weighing less than 300g.

In August 2021, VISIOMED Group acquired Smart Salem (, the only medical center numbered and approved by the Dubai Ministry of Health (DHA) as well as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE.

Headquartered in Paris, the VISIOMED Group is listed on Euronext Growth (ALVMG). More information on, and


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[1] Renewal of the board of directors and the evolution of governance

[2] Prototype including new INDEX center for full year excluding COVID-19 testing activity, based on EUR/AED spot rate of 3,860

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