We want nature and budget … why rents in the countryside will be successful this summer

What if happiness is in the meadow this summer? This is what some French apparently think, because more and more of them are choosing to rent in rural areas during the summer. Thus, according to a study* published by PAP Vacances on Thursday, bookings for rural accommodations on the platform increased by 22.1% this summer compared to the same period in 2019. A trend that can also be observed in Airbnb (+50% compared to the 2019 summer period).

Ditto in the Gîtes de France (+ 20% compared to summer 2021). For its part, Abritel does not yet have consolidated numbers for this summer. “But we’re recording a 30% increase in holiday home searches in rural areas for July and August compared to last year,” company spokesperson Xavier Rosselló tells SELF.

Southeast Referendum, but not only …

In the provinces of the southeast quarter, booking progress for this summer was the strongest in PAP jobs: Vaucluse (+51.6%), Ardesh (+36.1%), Drome (26.2%). “Last summer was dreary and cold, so not many vacationers want to risk the weather. Hence this poll from the southeast,” explains Corinne Jolly, PAP President. the father. « Autre information : les villes les plus demandées pour des maisons à la campagne sont Sarlat, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Apt et Vaison-la-Romaine », ajoute Laetitia Caron, la General Director.

“We notice the intense rural appeal of Loire, Ariège, Corrèze and Creuse,” notes Solange Escure, general manager of Gîtes de France. Bertrand Bourdy, Airbnb’s deputy general manager in France, noted that there is strong demand for “Jura, Landes, Ardache, Ur and Fendi”.

“A house in the country is on average 10% cheaper than a house by the sea”

If the French are more likely to book in rural areas, it’s first and foremost because there are more offerings this year. “The number of campaign ads increased by 13.2% between 2019 and 2022 on PAP Vacances. There is no doubt that in the context of declining purchasing power, some would like to make their homes profitable,” notes Laetitia Caron. Bertrand Bordet says the same note: “Offering your property for rent is a good opportunity to make ends meet. This earns an average of 3800 euros per year for our guests.”

Vacationers also for economic reasons. “A house in the country is on average 10% cheaper than a house by the sea. The average budget for a week is €1313,” says Corinne Jolly. Xavier Rousselou comments, “Holiday makers can leave less distance from their homes, which can be appreciated in this period when the price of gasoline is high.”

Local tourism vs. mass tourism

This desire for green has also been explained by the Covid-19 crisis, which has changed the tourist habits of the French. In the midst of the health crisis, they were looking for somewhat secluded homes to reduce risks. Nothing remains. Having tasted the pleasure of intolerating crowds, they seek places that are less fizzy and more relaxing,” notes Laetitia Caron. “Many now prefer local tourism to mass tourism,” adds Bertrand Bordet. “During the health crisis, they have rediscovered their country. The countryside is no longer seen as an old-fashioned destination, but a quality destination,” insists Xavier Rossello.

Renting in the countryside also sometimes means taking advantage of better rent than on the coast. Houses in the countryside often have a higher capacity (7.2 persons vs. 6.6 persons at sea). That is why it is popular for gatherings with family or friends,” emphasizes Corinne Jolly. “Holiday makers want more space, so they can barbecue and sunbathe in the garden,” adds Corinne Jolly. “And for those looking for originality, the offer is attractive.” : “You can find for rent in a farmhouse, castle, mill, or stable … and live an authentic experience,” emphasizes Bertrand Bourdy. Accommodations there are often less standardized than those on the coast. However, the French love the buildings The beautiful ”, adds Xavier Rossello.

The promise of multiple activities

Choosing the countryside also means you have a better chance of finding a home with a pool. “It’s the most sought-after equipment, before connecting to wifi and parking,” notes Bertrand Purdy. Vacationers who choose the countryside also do so so that they can benefit from a wide range of activities: “In many small towns, festivals, sports activities, farmers’ markets are organized … and discovering heritage is the passion of the French,” Solange Esquer notes. So there is no danger of boredom this summer.

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