What is the balance between business management and human resources?

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ANDRH 2022 University: Céline Gervais (Quipment), Frédéric Lemoine (Groupe Leader Interim), and Eric Bigot (Baccarat) reveal their ways of (re)giving meaning to employees’ work.

UNIANDRH 2022: Eric Bigot (Baccarat), Céline Gervais (equipment), Frederic Lemoine (interim captain) – © DR

A roundtable, organized on June 3 during ANDRH University 2022 in Nancy, brought together three managers with HR and/or business profiles on employee motivations and ways to motivate their commitment:

  • Celine Gervais Managing Director at equipmentspecialize in supplying materials for clinical research,
  • Frederic LemoineGroup Director of Operations and Development in France temporary leaderAnd the
  • Eric Piggotthuman rights defenders gambling (Crystal).

Céline Gervais (Quipment): “Migration managers enable better employee care”

Celine Gervais.  - © d
Celine Gervais. – © d

“At Quipment, we worked on employee rewards and commitment. Going to talk to them, I realized that there was a recognition problem. We were using rewards and it didn’t work. We were having the problem of excessive growth in which case the individual interest of the employee is easily lost.”

“The company compensates with the money and the events and history that you pass on, but there comes a time when the employee no longer finds that. This is where managers and supervisors come in. They take time to work with employees, supervise them, and listen to their ideas. The longer you take to build the project, the more support you get. available.”

“I understood that proposing career plans has limits. We cannot predict everything. So we try to ensure, little by little, that the employee builds his career and finds his account. The concept of meaning is very important for employees, along with the concept of employability.”

We have also slowed down by creating a program for suspending and terminating projects at the Executive Committee level. We try to be honest with employees about what can and cannot be achieved. »

“After meeting and discussing with the employees, I designed an organization chart and was appointed to mid-management positions. Relays are important and make it possible to take better care of employees. »

Frederic Lemoine (Temporary Leaders Group): “Building loyalty takes time”

Frederic Lemoine.  - © d
Frederic Lemoine. – © d

“Attracting talent is a topic for all types of population, whether temporary workers, fixed-term employees or permanent employees. We are all talking about employer branding, and at this point, we definitely have to be creative but also original.”

When a company makes perfect speech, candidates take notice. The power has shifted in the exchanges between the company and the candidates. To attract, you have to reposition yourself and do a cultural personification of the company. We did this work with IAE master’s degree students in 2019. This avoids false promises to candidates.

This is the first time in thirty years that we are looking forward to five. We predicted ourselves a year ago. We wanted to give employees more visibility, which is what they have been asking us since 2018.”

“When I took office at the beginning of 2022, I toured all the teams with the CEO to present our project. We worked on loyalty in parallel. It takes time.”

“We have decided to organize a group-wide Environmental Citizen Day, bringing together our customers, temporary workers and our employees. We feel this is a real lever of commitment.”

Eric Piggott, Baccarat: “Training Managers on a New Paradigm”

Eric Piggott.  - © d
Eric Piggott. – © d

“We have focused on training managers in agility since 2021. We are welcoming more and more young people from the new generations, who are not interacting like young people twenty or thirty years ago. They need meaning.

“So our managers need to change the paradigm and be more attentive. People are allowed to make mistakes, that’s part of the learning.”

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