What is the bloggers business model?

Many Internet users wish Create their own blog And long live from it because it must be recognized on paper that makes you dream. But in fact, this is something else entirely, because it takes a good dose of passion and perseverance to achieve it.

This is not impossible because Live from his blog It is completely different from living from the influence of social media influencers. And so we can be influencer blogger Easier than becoming an Instagram or TikTok influencer for example.

Blogging Vs. social networks in influence

If you have to anyway seduction algorithmYou should know that you will have a better approach and better indexing with Google. The search engine imposes rules to follow and they are quite a lot, which opens the door for SEO experts for it Enhanced content production. So blogging is preferred and more suitable for ultimately gaining visibility and influence.

As for social networks, they are mostly limited to shorter editorial content accompanied by an image and/or video with hashtags. A means that may be limited, or even insufficient to really stand out. On top of that, the indexing isn’t really optimized, and sometimes it’s hard to find content, except for Twitter, which manages hashtags pretty well. Facebook does not have a powerful search engine for example.

The Content produced in a blog It is a function of criteria not easy to collect, and it separates many actors from the start. Therefore, there are more parameters to consider to stand out and influence the blog, but it allows bloggers who master the rules of SEO to be able to achieve this. Among those you have:

  • URL lifetime,
  • site authority,
  • contained capital
  • content length and optimization,
  • writing frequency,
  • site engineering,
  • Some technical aspects: HTTPS protocol, page load time linked directly to the Google Mobile First index, optimization Hn . beacons (H1 to H6), alt tags for image,
  • bounce rate,
  • Backlinks This will allow you to gain power. etc…

There are others, but this is enough as a means of comparison with social networks. Even if the Google recipe is kept secret, the blogger is a web editor, which means proven knowledge of Search Engine Optimization Basics, may lead to results. In the end, the best is a monopoly first google site on their keywords.

Blogger search engine optimization

Blogging is above all a job that requires patience, because we necessarily invoke natural references or SEO, if we are indirectly targeting the search for influence. It is better to produce relevant content and give time to influence. be influential It should not be a goal to achieve.

Business model for bloggers

professional blogger Who lives from his blog and monetizes his audience, he has several axes of making money. No question here Create a blog in 5 minutesand based on Earn €30,000 in the first month Like magic!

The blogger who sells dreams

Some dream sellers on the Internet unfortunately deceive many Internet users by selling them training at exorbitant prices. Hollow configurations modeled on American models in terms of marketing, which only aims for a simple copy/paste function to endlessly reproduce the same pattern.

clearly “Imitate what I do, and you will get rich the same way on people’s backs.” Except that it does not necessarily satisfy Internet users who have just spent more than 1,000 euros for an empty concept of importance and morality.

the truth blogger business model It is based on objective work and Content Production, with the aim of getting jobs and generating high traffic. This will lead to visibility and a fairly rapid increase in popularity, putting the blog in the rank of media until sometimes it becomes essential in the universe. At this point it becomes easier monetize your blog to make a living from it and this is where it becomes very interesting and sometimes very profitable.

If the blogger is placed in a promising and trendy topic, he will subscribe to different platforms of Influencer Marketing Based on netlinking. Either way, it involves writing sponsored content or distributing content provided by the platform or end customer. The goal is to share one or two backlinks within the article, thus gaining SEO and authority for the customer’s site. Prices are very variable and can range from 100 to 1500 euros and even much more for reputable media.

Business model for bloggers

Bloggers who reach this stage can Generate comfortable income. In addition, if they sell advertising entries and broadcast Google Adsense campaigns in parallel, it will quickly become profitable.

advertising earnings It is a function of blog traffic and the number of pageviews per month. Back in high-traffic blogs, we can easily talk about a few hundred euros to several thousand.

How long does it take to monetize your blog?

If the question is appropriate after these few words, and even if it is always asked when the subject is mentioned, it is necessary to face the facts! It takes a lot of work and there is a mantle called the desert.

No one will come to take you by the hand, you will not get the expected partnerships overnight and you will still have to High frame rate content production. It will require sacrifices without even knowing the outcome completely, because if you are on a subject that is highly represented, it may not work.

How long does it take to become a leading blog?

In terms of digital marketing or digital in the marginal sense, it is fairly well represented and remains a world where there is a lot of work to be done. However, this is not the most promising topic in blogging. It will therefore be necessary to evaluate the subject and the ability to move forward to achieve a result.

For some bloggers, it will take 1 year and for others 2 or more monetize their blog Frequently. This is rarely lower due to competitive segments, and thatSometimes you have to write several articles a day. To appear on social networks initially. Social networks help to get visibility more quickly, but then you have to rely on SEO to get jobs on Google.

So time is variable for achieve independence. It should be noted that the period of unemployment remains the best time to start.


A quick note to find out and understand how bloggers make their living! It is not an easy task otherwise a blog will have more influencers than Instagram. However, a blog is a safe bet for companies that need a vision to generate business as well. Thanks good position on googlein the top 3 in particular, they will necessarily have more traffic than if they were at the top of the second page or even at the bottom of the first page.

liquefaction from blog So it’s basically about networking, sponsored articles and Google Adsense. You should constantly improve your content and search for jobs on Google on trending topics, in order to attract companies and brands. Moreover, it will be necessary to register with influencer marketing and networking platforms, and to enter into long-term partnerships with agencies, which will always be more beneficial.

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