What is the budget to open an online store in 2022?

Having an e-commerce website is now a must for many physical stores. It is also a real opportunity for anyone who wants to sell online as a pure player.

If you decide to start in this field, the investment will be much less than in a physical store, but you will still need to consider the following few elements so that you do not find yourself in difficulty.

Between choosing an e-commerce solution, a marketing budget to attract visitors or the logistics related to your catalog, a certain budget is effectively expected to start. This should be meticulously prepared to match your development goals and expectations.

Choosing an e-commerce solution

Choosing which e-commerce solution to use is the first step if you want to create your own e-commerce site. The choice that will generally be imposed on you immediately falls between Open Source or Saas solutions for site creation.

In the first case, you have control over the code and you will be able to customize your site further, but this generally requires you to have a team with in-house skills or to save significant costs of subcontracting through freelancers. an agency.

In general, this solution is more expensive than using SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Admittedly, you won’t have complete control over the code, but the software is generally quite intuitive and allows you to get a ready-to-use platform quickly and above all offers you overall effective protection against cyberattacks.

In the market there are notably French platforms such as WiziShop. It is an integrated tool in the form of SaaS that gives you access to all the necessary functions for selling. Standard price €27 excluding VAT/month.

The brand also has a blog that is rich in content. And if you are still hesitant to get started, I invite you to read their article on good reasons to open an online store. After reading this, you will have no doubts anymore!

domain name

Another account to consider is the domain name. This usually costs about 10 euros / year. More information on prices here: https://www.lws.fr/tarif_nom_de_domaine.php.

The choice of a domain name should not be taken lightly and is rarely the result of chance. There are many criteria to consider before purchasing it.

You may first want your domain name to include a keyword so that it appears more easily in search results. After that, you generally prefer .com domain names because many internet users think they are the only text out there.

Then, don’t make a name that is too long, hard to remember, or hard to spell.

Your domain name should be easy to type so that the Internet user does not have to type long sentences. It is common for a user to type your name into a search engine rather than going directly to your site before adding you to favourites.

advertising budget

Once your site is online, you will definitely need to boost your site by promoting it.

Of course, you can already embark on natural benchmarking actions in order to move up in the search engines for free. Obviously, these procedures usually take a few months to bear fruit.

Thus, paid advertising is a good way to attract visitors quickly.

You can set it up via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads… It’s good to attract people, but don’t forget that you are looking for customers above all else.

So you’ll need to check that you’re hitting the right target by carefully choosing the keywords or recipients of your campaigns. Also check if your return on investment is good because the costs generated by your campaigns should not exceed your margin.

In the same way, control your budget well and feel free to run tests on small amounts.

Marketing budget

If we often think that a good paid advertising campaign is the only lever to quickly attract traffic to your store, there are other effective tools.

Of course, you can start by setting a budget to write content for your site. Note that without new content, it will generally be poorly flagged.

To increase your traffic, you can also consider contacting influencers or powerful sites to let them know your offer. So, feel free to select the most relevant ones and work on your arguments well. If you fail to convince them to create free links that redirect to your e-commerce site, which are often very popular, you can also plan a budget to promote yourself for a fee.

In particular, I invite you to discover the Kolsquare graph on this topic.

Product storage and delivery

Product storage and delivery are two key points to check when starting your e-commerce site. Just because your customer isn’t in front of you doesn’t mean they’ll have to wait forever to receive their orders.

To do this, you will often have to anticipate orders and stock without the risk of ending up with unsold items. While some companies have become following a zero share, it is often difficult to implement and not feasible in all areas of activity.

As much as possible, quickly try to create processes that allow you to control your inventory in real time so that you can anticipate your orders from your suppliers, promote one product more than another, adapt your communications, prevent customers from potential additional delivery time or simply withdraw a product from your site.

Also keep in mind that preparing and sending packets takes time and that what can be easily achieved for one request will not necessarily be suitable for dozens or even hundreds of requests.

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