What is the progress of Alibaba construction project in Beilin Belet?

For two years, the Chinese e-commerce giant’s logistics platform project seemed buried. The group opposing this project recently realized that this is not the case. He wants to challenge elected officials and citizens on a topic that would destroy the wonderful wetlands.

On May 30, neither the mayor of Beilin-Bellet nor the local community wanted to answer our journalists’ questions right away.

This topic has been discussed since May 2020, since the announcement in the local press of a residence project Logistics platform for Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba en Val de l’Eyre in the Gironde.

The site was planned for the inter-municipal artisanal area Sylva 21, located in the municipality of Belin-Beliet in the Gironde. The project provides more than 71,000 square meters of buildings on an area of ​​19 hectares, of which 13 hectares are on a wetland of high environmental value.

In June 2020, a format was created: “ Don’t touch my wet floor, no to the logistics giants of Val de l’Eyre “(TPZH format). For two years, This group conducts informational actions on this topic.

Thus, he explains the various twists and turns of the case:

  • they “Two promises to sell the coveted land, signed in 2018, expired on March 29, 2022, resulting in the revocation and cancellation of the building permit application submitted by the PRD promoter for the location of its facilities.“.
  • But this is on April 7. During the Beilin-Belit Municipal Council, the mayor of Beilin-Belit indicated that he wanted to “extend the site below – awaiting responses from state services.”“.

For Vincent Bratchetti, TPZH Coordinating Secretary: “It’s a missed opportunity. An opportunity to lead this debate that did not happen, neither with the citizens nor with the current majority (City Hall and Commune Community, Editor’s Note).” This is why group members send an open letter to begin the discussion.

they askMunicipal councilors to seize this Opportunity to challenge the sale of this land to the “PRD promoter.” You are They are the heirs of the former municipal team’s choice, you have Possibility now to put an end to this project, by preventing a new Sign below“.

In doing so, they add, they can nevertheless act by allowing”Setting up a business on about 6 hectares outside of the wetlands, and to keep hope for local, decent and sustainable jobs in your area“while maintaining”13 hectares of wetlands so that it can fully play its role in regulating the droughts and floods that the Eyre Valley is a victim of, thus preserving its role in biodiversity and the interconnectedness of natural environments.”

In the argument, the buyer PRD explained that this institution will allow the creation of 300 jobs. For the group, this argument would be deceptive in light of the institutions of other logistics platforms in France: “Do we want work at any cost? We know that they are today (these platforms) Employ far fewer than they promise: fixed-term contracts, 50-70% temporary workers, part-time, night work, etc. Will these jobs be filled with people from the region?

Beyond the controversy they claim, they especially want to defend the wetlands as their name suggests. 13 hectares of the project concern A wetland of high ecological value. While the defense of these neighborhoods is included in the charter of the Landes de Gascogne National Park. It must be “identified and maintained”.

He remembers that wetlands are important in many ways.

  • It has a hydrological role: it retains water in the winter and releases it in the spring
  • They are fighting against global warming because they are real carbon sinks
  • They are rich in biodiversity with a wonderful ecosystem that must be preserved.

Therefore, the controversy is not over because the project is ongoing. This is the reason for the group invitations. All elected officials should do what is necessary to prevent such extension or renewal of signature. In general, we deplore the lack of communication on the part of the Val de l’Eyre commune community, about this project, and the absence of democratic debate“.

The coordination Touche Pas A Ma Zone Humide therefore intends to be present at the next meeting of the Beilin-Belet Municipal Council on June 2 (7 pm)And the To distribute this open letter to the elected officials of the belinetois.

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