What is training to become an athletic trainer?

STAPS, CPJEPS, BPJEPS, DEJEPS, DESJEPS, but also initial training for EMS training privileges

While the market for fitness and sports in general has been in good shape for several years, with more French people every year practicing physical exercise, many of you would like to Become a sports coach. For this, there are two solutions: follow a specific course or create a business. explanations.

Training to become a sports coach

to Become a sports coach After graduation, there is basically Two types of training : Training and coaching of STAPs leads to diplomas from the Ministry responsible for sports.

STAPS training

STAPS (Physical and Sports Activities Science and Techniques) training can be considered as the proprietary way to become an athletic trainer as it is Full university course Plural Intense exercise And theoretical class in many aspects related to sports (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, history of sports, etc.).

In addition, STAPS training allows you to specialize in a variety of areas, from adaptive physical activity – health to sports work environment, including sports training, sports management or even education and mobility.

For this reason, it is the sector that makes it possible to become a high school teacher, or even a teacher – researcher in higher education. It is also the sector chosen, for example, by those who wish to move towards it Sports Equipment DesignThe Sports Store Management Or the gym, or even the physical preparation of high-level athletes.

On the other hand, it islong studies (minimum 3 years) that counts 600 hours of study per year and requires a lot of work in addition to a certain ease in theoretical disciplines.

BPJEPS and other training

The alternative is to resort to Training focuses more on exercise, conducted on a work-study basis, generally in one or two years, leading to a diploma from the Ministry responsible for sports, namely CPJEPS, BPJEPS, DEJEPS or DESJEPS. These diplomas range from CAP level to Bac + 3 level.

If these exercises allow it Soon he became a sports coach And they make it possible to work at the same time, on the other hand, they provide much less theoretical content and give Fewer ports.

Become an Athletic Coach with Excellence

last choice for Become a sports coach who is he Create a FranchiseBut in a specific sector: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Very popular in recent years, especially in urban centers, the EMS principle is to combine a muscle-strengthening session of about twenty minutes with additional muscle stimulation by electrodes that deliver a current of higher or lower intensity.

Therefore, practitioners are equipped with a prosthesis equipped with electrodes and connected to a power source. When they perform their session, the muscles are stimulated on the one hand for physical exercise and on the other hand by means of electrodes.

According to professionals in the sector, this combination of stimulation will allow exercisers to get the same benefits in 20 minutes as a 4 hour gym session.

He went, To become an EMS instructor, a diploma is not requireds. lonely exercise What is required is what comes from Franchise To ensure that each franchisee:

  • Being able to analyze the body structure and needs of each client;
  • Being able to choose the appropriate program from the list of programs offered by the franchise;
  • Be able to ensure the animation of the session and follow up and escort each client.

Training also includes more practical elements related to profit center management: sales, prospecting, communications, financial management, administration, etc.

Thus, EMS perks are excellent alternatives to quickly become an athletic trainer with the benefit of personalized and personalized training.

And if you love sports but don’t necessarily want to become an athletic trainer, there is still the potential to open a gym, sports nutrition store, or even a sporting goods store.

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