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With 29 national parks (including two submarines), its 15 nature reserves, rivers, lagoons, lagoons, mangroves, and nine protected islands, the Dominican Republic offers ecotourism enthusiasts a wide range of possibilities to travel closer to nature. In the program: eco-circuits, hiking trails, eco-adventures, visits to farms (cocoa, tobacco, etc.), observation of animals and plants, in terms of accommodation, eco-lodges, eco-hotels, camps, luxury formulas …

Do you know ? Thanks to its subtropical climate, the Dominican Republic reveals an exceptional biodiversity, with more than 8000 species of plants, including 1,800 endemic species such as the royal palm and hispaniola pine, and 300 species of orchids. There are 254 species of birds, including ‘Koteca’, the island’s endemic parrot that has become the country’s emblem, 141 species of reptiles, including the American alligator and the record iguana, as well as lizards and turtles, and 60 species of amphibians and mammals such as hutía (rodents). small) and almiquís (a large shrew-like mammal), West Indian manatee and humpback whale.

Heading south from Barahona to La Romana

Barahona, in the southwest of the country, is described as a “natural wonder”. Here is the Jaragua Bahuruco Enriquí Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO), which beckons with its wild beaches, waterfalls, steep mountains and fragrant pine forests. Oviedo Lagoon in Jaragua National Park and Rincón or Cabral Lagoon are very popular places for bird watchers who can spot gray herons, spoonbills, flamingos, pelicans…

Namely: Jaragua National Park is known for its cacti, and during guided tours you can also spot Taino depicted in several caves; 52% of orchid species endemic to the Dominican Republic grow in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, and the Hoyo del Pelempito geological depression is ideal for hiking.

Do you know ? North of Barahona, Lake Enriquío National Park is the largest salt lake in the Caribbean. It is inhabited by American alligators and Capritos Island, in the center of the lake, is home to the rhinoceros and the record iguana as well as various species of cacti.

In the La Romana region, 110 kilometers east of Santo Domingo, Cotopanama National Park reveals more than 500 species of plants, 300 species of birds and extensive beaches. It is possible to go on excursions, take part in ornithological tours, dive near the reefs inhabited by manatees and dolphins … Within the national park there are also Catalina Islands and a sauna.

Do you know ? Between San Pedro de Macorís and La Romana, the Cueva de Las Maravillas forms a network of caves with hundreds of Taino paintings and petroglyphs dating back thousands of years.

Punta Cana differently

coconut coast Famous for its beautiful, sparkling beaches, it is also of great interest to nature lovers. Many tour operators offer indoor jeep safaris where visitors drive through rainforests, pass fruit and vegetable fields and sugar cane plantations, and finally stop at deserted beaches or near rivers, enjoy a Dominican meal and swim.

Do you know ? Within the Puntacana Resort & Club tourist complex, the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park (Ojos Indígenas) is a 600-hectare nature reserve ideal for hiking or swimming in one of the shallow lakes. In addition to abundant vegetation, it is home to many species of birds and iguanas.

The Samana Peninsula, an ecological wonder

Samana Peninsula, On the northeast coast is the center of Asala. A secluded strip of land, this is a wonderful festival of torrents and waterfalls, with a magnificent and luxurious bay, beaches, the town of Santa Barbara de Samana, and the authentic villages of Las Galeras and Las Terrenas. Dans la baie de Samaná, le parc national Los Haïtises, qui abrite plus de 100 espèces d’oiseaux, 90 espèces de plantes et de nombreuses espèces de mammifères, a la particularité d’offrir au de bien étranges formations s qui de cal the sea.

These are the “mogotes” (the islands of karst formation, the unique landscapes of the Caribbean). And in the caves, there are rock paintings painted by the Tunos Indians. Another unforgettable experience: El Limón Falls is the most amazing waterfall in the Dominican Republic. This trek can be done on foot or on horseback, enjoying the stunning panoramic views from the top of the hills. The route takes small trails through the rainforest; And then, you arrive at a natural pond in the middle of the lush vegetation where you can take a shower.

Do you know ? Each winter, from mid-January to the end of March, 3,000 to 5,000 humpback whales migrate to the clear waters of Samana Bay, where they gather to mate and give birth. Departures from observation boats mainly from Santa Port Barbara from Samanto me.

From the north the Amber Coast

On the North Coast, Puerto Plata With its golden sandy beaches, clear sea, green valleys, mountains and coconut groves, it entices followers of active and eco-tourism. In this region, the El Choco National Park stretches between Sosúa and Cabarete among the jungle, lakes, forests, and savannas. It offers numerous caves and subterranean ponds, former Aboriginal shelters, and offers easy hiking to spot the local flora and fauna.

Do you know ? About 100 km east of Puerto Plata, the Gri-Gri Lagoon is one of the country’s prime bird sanctuaries, bordering a calm and peaceful lagoon, and surrounded by dense mangrove forests. Boat trips are organized to discover it as well as Swallow Cave.

Border County Montecristi It offers a wild and wonderful landscape that features ecotourism adventures off the beaten path, among rice fields, banana plantations, giant cacti, salt marshes, and limestone cliffs battered by the Atlantic. In both this desert region and the ‘Mediterranean’, dense tunnels of mangroves lead into freshwater lagoons while migratory birds inhabit offshore islands and provide deserted white sand beaches.

Do you know ? The reefs of Montecristi are among the best preserved in the country.

inside the earth

El Cibao and Constanza Valley It represents the cradle of rum, merengue and tobacco. It is in Santiago de los Caballeros that two-thirds of the world’s best fine cigars (handmade) are produced. At the foot of Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean (3,175 m), the Jarabacoa Valley offers an alpine landscape with deciduous pine forests, and rivers. It lends itself to a large number of activities: trekking, tubing, canoeing on the Jimenoa or Yaque del Norte rivers, rafting and abseiling in Jimenoa, climbing Pico Duarte, paragliding, horseback riding, cycling tours, discovering the Salto de Jimenoa waterfall.

Do you know ? In the four national parks of the El Cibao region (José Armando Bermúdez, Jose del Carmen Ramírez, Nalga de Maco, and Valle Nuevo), visitors are impressed by the biodiversity and the large number of endemic flower and animal species.


Words from the professionals…with Miguelina Butron, Vice President of Marketing at Mint Hotels & Residences

“Our brand Mint Hotels & Residences is a group of boutique hotels located in different regions of the Dominican Republic. Nature is at the core of our philosophy. Our motto: To make our guests live an adventure towards authenticity, respect, sustainability and highlight the nature reserves in which our hotels are located.
Our brand philosophy is based on several pillars: management that respects the environment, integrating communities into our activity programmes, integrating human resources in the places in which we operate, and creating unique experiences to natural spaces, in order to create a true connection with the environment around us. We are also keen to offer our guests a group stay so that they can have a “country experience” and not just one place.

our production
Our hotel, The Bannister, is located on the Samaná Peninsula, one of the island’s most biodiverse regions. In Cabarete, we have two charming properties surrounded by the mountains of El Choco National Park, a secret hunt for birds, ancient trees and rocky boulders. Close to this park, Green Land Bubble Glamping is the country’s first luxury camping site, and exceptional accommodation, immersed in the heart of nature.
To round out the experience, Natura Cabana & Spa, an inn that offers the experience of “complete detachment and true connection” with nature and the environment, set in a beautiful garden, with great views of the Cabarete beaches, known for their favorable winds for the professional practice of kitesurfing internationally. »

Migolina Butron
Vice President of Sales and Marketing / Partner
T: 809-540-5304 CI: 829-343-0658 I
Email: mbutron@hms.do

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