When does the summer 2022 sale start?

Summer 2022 sales will soon conquer the store shelves and catalogs of French online merchants. As established by law, the start of sales is set for the last Wednesday of June, if the latter occurs before the date of the 28th. For this year, exceptional promotions will start from June 22 in most parts of France. To avoid any unfair competition between online selling sites and physical stores, shows can only be broadcast from 8 am. Three to four write-offs will then follow, depending on the brands, which must offer lower and lower prices during the event. Traders often choose to switch write-offs every Wednesday. However, beware of stock shortages, as sellers are not allowed to restock. Thus, the summer sales will span over four weeks, before ending on Tuesday, July 19th.

While waiting for sales, take advantage of offers already online:

Summer Offset Sales: Which regions do not have the same calendar?

Previously announced dates are valid in most parts of France, but some territories have their own calendar. These exceptions are attributed in particular to the differences in attendance between departments and regions in France. Thus, the start of sales at Pyrenees Orientalis is on Wednesday, July 6th. It will expire in four weeks on Tuesday, August 2nd. Also in Corsica, sales will begin on Wednesday, July 13 and will run until Tuesday, August 9.

Abroad, summer 2022 sales are also swaying, to allow everyone to take advantage of it in the best conditions. And so Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon will launch its sales when mainland France ends its promotions, from Wednesday 20 July to Tuesday 9 August. In Reunion, consumers will be able to save money from Saturday 3rd September. Sales are also scheduled to start in Guadeloupe on Saturday, September 24th. To take advantage of lower prices in Guyana and Martinique, you have to wait until Thursday, October 6th. From Saturday 8 October to Friday 4 November Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin will close 2022 summer sales. If again you want to get prices so low that sometimes they are sales at a loss, then you will have to wait until the winter sales of 2022. 2023, which will start in January in mainland France.

Are you going on vacation and also want to take advantage of discounts? Other countries also offer exceptional promotions during the summer. From the end of June in particular, you will be able to find low prices all over Poland. Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg and Slovenia will organize their sales when July begins. Attention, in some countries, dates vary by province. Don’t forget to refer to the 2022 sales calendar according to where you live.

On which sites can you find the best deals?

If you are a fan of online shopping or if you simply want to avoid crowding in the busiest stores, you will find many offers online from the start of summer sales of 2022. Appliances, decor, gadgets, fashion, culture, games, high-tech… French online merchants have a very comprehensive catalog, including all kinds of items. Even sites that offer really low prices throughout the year, such as Cdiscount, Amazon, or Rue du Commerce, will offer you better rates when you launch sales. If you want to take advantage of the discounts to equip yourself with the latest connected accessories, do not forget to keep an eye on the promotions offered by brands such as Boulanger, La Fnac or Darty. A true leader in remote selling in France, La Redoute is an essential online merchant not to be missed during this period of exceptional discounts. You will find everything you need to decorate and furnish your home. You can also treat yourself to a large selection of clothes for sale. If you are primarily looking for fashion items, also feel free to visit the websites of specialty stores that offer luxury brands, such as Galeries Lafayette. You can also find your happiness directly from the creators, such as Nike or Puma.

Whatever brand you place an order with, remember to familiarize yourself with their potential loyalty programs. Indeed, if sales really allow you to make significant savings, it is sometimes possible to combine advantages in order to reduce your expenses even more. Cdiscount à Volonté, La Redoute +, Fnac +, la carte b, Amazon Prime … Many online merchants offer subscriptions that reward their loyal customers. Paid or free, at a monthly or annual rate, each online sales site has its own membership terms. Oftentimes, your subscription will allow you to take advantage of free express delivery for multiple orders. You’ll also sometimes have access to virtual kitties, which are filled via cashback machines. Thus, you will have the opportunity to accumulate funds thanks to the various purchases you have made since the start of sales. Exclusive discount coupons can also be offered to you. Dedicated after-sales services, third-party partners, payment facilities, home repair, free returns… Before placing an order, don’t forget to refer to the list of all the benefits offered by the different loyalty programs to find the best deals.

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