When Inheritance Dominates Emotions…

Like every month, find out what we think of K-drama. To honor the beginning of autumn, we chose money flowera title that takes us to a rich Korean family where manipulation and revenge are common.

The guy lost everything when he was younger and decided to come up with a grand plan to turn things around in his favour. A true race against time, which will pit him against the power-hungry heirs! Entertaining drama you may like!

This review contains major K-drama material and spoilers.

money flower

original title: 돈꽃 – Doncot

Alternate address: money flower

gender: Drama – Romance

series : MBC

First broadcast: From 11 November 2017 to 3 February 2018

publishing platform: drama

Episodes: 24

Director : Kim Hee Won

Screenwriter: Lee Myung Hee


Kang Pil Joo is the manager of Cheong A Group’s legal team. He’s smart and does a perfect job. Jealous and envious, he is considered the “Doggy” of the Jang family, at the helm of Cheong A. In the fight for the group’s succession, he will choose to support Jang Boo-Cheon, the oldest descendant of the Jang family. But only a strong political alliance can guarantee victory.

Na Moo Hyun is the daughter of a respected politician. An environmental activist and science teacher, she is always smiling and listening to others. She dreams of the great love “sent by fate”. Kang Pil-Joo will then plot in the shadows until the young girl falls in love with Boo-Cheon and decides to marry him. But behind this action he hides a completely different goal and manipulates, like a puppeteer, each member of this powerful family to achieve his goals. But what are they? What is its true purpose, which has been patiently developed over the years? Wouldn’t we say revenge is the dish best served cold?

Enter a world where fate and love are driven by greed and money and where revenge may leave no room for happiness. (drama)

main cast

Jang Hyuk

money flower

Kang Pil Joo


Park Si Young

money flower

Na Mo Hyun


Jang Seung Jo

money flower

Jang Bo Cheon

(money flower)

Lee Mi Suk

money flower

Jung Mal Ran

(love temperature)

Lee Soon Jae

money flower

Jang Ko Hwan

(princess man)

Han Soo Hee

money flower

Yoon Seo Won

(money flower)

Legitimacy of inheritance

Drama money flower we We quickly get into his plot Through the pasts of the two heroes, one subordinate to the other. After an argument between the youths, Jang Boo-Cheon accepted Kang Pil-Joo’s offer to serve him. However, behind this agreement, hides other projects. The dog became such a strong figure in the company that he was asked to settle the majority of disputes. Thanks to his stature, Pil-Joo can thus manipulate huge amounts of money as he pleases and make himself well visible by the grandfather who leads the empire and Boo-Cheon’s mother, Jung Mal-Ran.

money flower

Jung Mal-Ran dedicates a blind trust to his son’s friend, with the sole aim of inheriting Cheong A. By skillfully steering the boat, nothing is impossible for these two, and even less, romantic relationships serve to establish power. Unfortunately, Na Mo-Hyun will pay the price, allowing himself to be invaded by Boo-Cheon, who follows Pil-Joo’s tactics. It must be said that this piece is important in the chances of succession, Father Na Ji-Cheol will be the future president!

The story unfolds very slowly, but the positions, manipulations and reflections fascinate us. We discover a family divided into several living for money and racking up blackmail to inherit it.

amazing quartet

After setting the story, put the main characters. theatrical actor Bill JoeAnd the Obviously our charm On his way in motion and forming one with his character. Therefore, the man has several aspects that have worked very well and he has also carved an ineffective mask to avoid any undue emotion. Hence, her role is both Mysterious, aggressive and emotional !

As for the Bo ChunPersonal lack of charisma, which makes him very cute in the eyes of the public. It is clear that the choices he makes do not belong to a future heir, which leads to the accumulation of a lot of weaknesses and support. This one takes on more character in the latter part of the series, but that’s a bit late.

money flowerSo we come to our first heroine, Moo Hyun. The actress was able to copy a lively and self-confident woman, at least at first. Because then, her personality change seemed inappropriate to us once she entered Jang’s closed circle. His relationship with the two men combines pitfalls, in part because of the scenario that leaves little room for romance.

To complete this trio, money ran introduce to us with Bill Joe, couple of them Alchemy is tangible Without overdoing it and staying visual. The Jang family’s son-in-law appears to be a great strategist and an experienced calculator. We are enchanted by their joint scenes that reveal great sensuality and raise doubts about this ambiguous professional relationship.

Indulging in a wealthy family

The world of the story immerses us in it The atmosphere is heavy, dark and above all oppressive her characters in search of their place in the family system. The scenario does not offer us two or three camps, but rather offers us Several stories to intensify the plot. On the other hand, if the competition between Mal Ran against his brother-in-law Jang Seung Man is heating up, Jang Kohwan (Grandfather) will not be fooled! In addition, Pil-Joo intends to take advantage of this just like Yoon Seo-Won (former Boo-Cheon) or Gi-Cheol…

money flower

The collections, particularly the traditional Jangs family home, turn out to be so beautiful, the landscapes are so well photographed that they look so. In addition, the wardrobe of the characters is impressive: you can feel luxury and wealth there. Musical themes are well brought up, piano and violin tones are played, and at the same time simple or more pronounced. Although the topic focuses on inheritance, the presence of the political sphere is also exciting in this quest to find voices to become powerful.

So it’s unfortunate that the series spans so many episodes, reinforcing the sense of length that could have gained in depth. The conflict of generations can be discerned even though the scheme is modeled after that of a king, as he has all the power over his subjects. However, they are still A good series behind the scenes of a current social phenomenonWith its share of fantasy and cleverly truth!

money flower It is a korean drama that, like good wine, takes time to style, but it expands as events unfold. An entertaining journey that attracts consumers to revenge and manipulation. to continue to drama !


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