Where do you invest your money when you retire?


After a long period of activity, the French are looking forward to the well-deserved retirement. However, pensions are increased below the cost of living. This is why you should invest your savings well when you retire in order to increase your purchasing power if possible. However, where should you invest your money when you retire? Is it wise to buy shares in a civil real estate investment company (SCPI)? This is what we will find out.


Where should you not put your money in retirement?

• You should use Booklet A in moderation

Booklet A brings in only 1% per year. This is much less than the price increase. So putting your money on your Livret A account means losing purchasing power, which is not the goal. It’s definitely a good idea to put about three months of income into your A booklet but no more.

• You must specify the amount owed to your life insurance policy in EUR money

Like Liverett A, life insurance contracts in Euro funds produce less inflation. The average performance of life insurance contracts in Euro funds was only 1.1% in 2021.

Under these circumstances, it is better not to save more in your life insurance policy in Euro funds, or even make a partial refund in order to better invest your money.

As noted Veronique Baronone of the founding partners of SCPI Central (www.centraledesscpi.com), the leading French digital savings network: “ Retired customers who contact us at They would rather increase their purchasing power by investing in high-performance sustainable productivity indicators than let their money sleep on life insurance contracts in Euro funds. »

• You have to sell the rental property little by little

Due to the constraints of their management but also the increasingly restrictive thermal regulations for landlords, owning a rental apartment will be more and more complex.

For retired investors who bought their apartments several years ago, it’s time to cash in on their profits, even if it means paying modest capital gains on real estate and investing in other savings.

For retirees wishing to return again to the property to invest their money and for others, SCPI production It constitutes the best alternative to the above investments.

Why should you invest your money in SCPI Performance Stocks when you are retired?

• Increasing the productivity of sustainable intensification of crop production Purchasing power

The best SCPI indicators achieve a net performance of around 6% per annum. This performance outperforms the vast majority of those obtained by investing in the purchase of an apartment for rent. Let’s not forget that this is the net performance of all management fees.

• SCPI avoids management constraints

All the work of the management company that created and operates SCPI for the return one would like to invest in, equity shareholders are satisfied with the realization of their monthly or quarterly earnings.

• Equivalent Productivity in Production (SCPI) are combined savings products

This means that the returning SCPI partners are co-owners of all buildings that are part of their SCPI property portfolio. It is better to be a co-owner of several dozen or even hundreds of buildings, as is the case for the highest performance indicators of sustainable densification of productivity, than to be the owner of one apartment. In fact, this style of management is less risky than seeing a single tenant face the problem of unpaid bills.

Given its intrinsic characteristics, SRPC is the ideal retirement investment for seniors who want to invest their money in retirement.

Where should you invest in SCPI?

• It is necessary to obtain advice from professionals in the sustainable intensification of crop production

There are many companies that distribute shares of SCPI whose leader is SCPI Central (www.centraledesscpi.com).

Go through a SCPI specialist like SCPI Central Allows the customer to benefit from an overview of all indicators of sustainable productivity intensification in the market

As recognized Thibault Le Coylemanager at La Centrale des SCPI:

We have been established for more than ten years, when we set up our shop at 15 rue Saint-Roch in Paris in the 1st arrondissement. Since then, we have never stopped developing in order to find the best parity in production (SCPI) for our customers. »

• No additional cost by putting your money through these SCPI professionals

Since the SCPI Performance Units price is identical regardless of the channel of distribution, clients of these consultants are sure to purchase SCPI units at the right price.

Whether you are active or retired, investing your money is not easy, especially in times of inflation. Fortunately, SCPI is a standard retirement investment for the French, retired or not, who want to increase their purchasing power without any administrative restrictions.

In order to materialize her investment project in sustainable intensification of yield crop production, she should not hesitate to be advised by consultants SCPI ( is the first SCPI comparator on the market.

For retirees who want to start preparing for their estate, low-income parity can be purchased as a lifetime retail in order to keep their inheritance rights to a minimum. Thus, SCPIs of return tick all the boxes for an investment designed specifically for retirees.


Investment in sustainable intensification of crop production is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of the profits received and from the point of view of capital preservation. Sustainable intensification of productivity depends on fluctuations in real estate markets. Before making any decision to buy SCPI shares, get advice from a professional to ensure that this investment matches your asset profile. Finally, like any real estate investment, bear in mind the fact that SCPI is a long-term investment whose holding period cannot be less than eight years.

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