Where do you sleep in Florence? Ten hotels with stunning views of Lys

Choose Figaro On the banks of the Arno, Florence opens its palaces, churches, gardens and museums. To capture it as a whole, from the river to its domes and hills, here are ten panoramic titles… for views.

Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, stop on the river

Since 1860, guests, in most of the 92 recently renovated rooms and suites, have enjoyed the silver meanders of the Arno, its open windows, a gentle whisper. But, to impress our most demanding contemporaries, imagine the owner, on the roof of Lucchesi, Empireo, a wonderful terrace with restaurant and swimming pool, directly opposite the Duomo. The wine, beer and food lists, mostly from Locafort, rightly glorify Italy and its rich Terroir. Service with a smile and a generous and efficient breakfast buffet served on the rooftop add to the attractions of this four-star hotel. Parking and valet parking, paid, for reservation. Room starts from 220 EUR per night.

Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, Lungarno della Zica Vecchia, 38, 50122 Florence. Such as. : +39 055262 36.

Grand Cavour Hotel, a poetic stop

The best rooms of the Grand Hotel Cavour overlook the most beautiful monuments in Florence. Grand Cavour Hotel / Click on the photo

Divina TerrazaAll said! On the seventh floor of this hotel, some parts of it date back to the Middle Ages, and where Florentine poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri Beatrice met, the view is one of the most enchanting with Arnaud as a common thread. Have a drink, live ‘in the sky’, nothing really is more divine. Provided you book at least a week in advance. The highly valued ‘spot’ quickly filled their table, mostly locaforts, traditional dishes and selected desserts. As is often the case, the best rooms are located high and quiet and dominate the most beautiful monuments. Room from 132 euros per night.

Grand Hotel Cavour, Via del Proconolo, 3, 50122 Florence. Such as. : +39 055266271.

Balestri Hotel, romantic stop

Here, a number of terraces extend to the rooms and offer a wonderful view of Florence. Hotel Balestri / Photo press

Four stars With 50 recently renovated rooms spread over five floors, Balestri ticks a number of boxes for discerning travelers. The first feature, the courtship, is in the neighborhood of Santa Croce, with the unforgettable Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio. The second positive point, it must be revealed, not only from its roof, but also from a number of extended terraces of the rooms, the dome, the campanile, the Palazzo Vecchio, etc. A third addition: Art Deco furniture, antique mirrors, marble and silk, contribute to the romantic ambiance of Ballestrian, which is especially appreciated by honeymoon couples. From € 240 per night.

Hotel Palestre, Piazza Mentana, 7, 50122 Florence. Such as. : +39 055214743.

Palazzo Guadagni, a “tchin chin” stop

At the magical hourAppetizerspritz in hand, as we sweep the city in the golden blush of sunset. Palazzo Guadagni / Photo press

Perched on the top floor of a 16th-century mansion in the Olarno district, this hotel is just as worthy of the beauty of its many frescoed rooms as it does of the loggia, a rooftop bar. At the magical hourAppetizer, spritz in hand, as we sweep the city in the golden blush of sunset. From nearby Ponte Vecchio to the hills that surround the roof in ocher red with green, marvel at this vivid palette of sparkling colours. And in the rebellious morning, we climb up the loggia to enjoy breakfast under the sky with a blue and gold plate. Good room, quiet, with a view of 15. From 250 euros per night.

Palazzo Guadagni, Piazza Santo Spirito, 9, 50125 Firenze. Such as. : +39 055265 8376.

LHB River Hotel & Spa, “The Club” Stop

The most pleasant room at the LHP River Hotel & Spa, the one on the upper floor, overlooking the river, combines the view with serenity. LHP River Hotel & Spa / Photo press

River opposite, historic heart a ten minute walk, great staff, we love this five star housed in a 19th century building, it deserves a cross of honor. We gladly eat lunch and dinner there, and appreciate the more than perfect wine list. And let those who are unable to part with their four-legged companion know he is welcome. Provided a reasonable size display. The most beautiful rooms are on the top floor which overlook the river and combine the view with serenity. We rushed into the jacuzzi spa area, reserved for over 18 years, having scanned the city from museum to church, shop to bar… Very practical parking and valet parking, €30 per day. Room from 260 euros per night.

LHB River Hotel & Spa, Lungarno della Zica Vecchia, 18, 50122 Florence. Such as. : +39 055234 3529.

Kalimala Hotel, a sports stop

Besides its stunning 360-degree panoramas, the hotel houses a simple but fun restaurant. Kalimala Hotel / Photo Press

Run by the Torrigiani family, giving it a friendly and benevolent vibe, this 4-star boutique hotel offers 38 rooms that combine designer furniture, velvet, marble and terrazzo. And he has a real treasure: The Roof Angel and the Supper. Besides its stunning 360-degree panoramas, it has an unpretentious but fun restaurant, a great outdoor bar, a very beautiful flower garden, and a rooftop pool with cherries. In winter, we take refuge in the warmth of the indoor bar. Who says it’s best to fully experience Florence? Little massages in the room? Possible and perfect! A small gym? Also possible in the fitness room. We book a room in height and if possible luxury for its size. Parking and valet parking, from €25 to €35, per day depending on the vehicle. Room from 280 euros per night.

Calimala Hotel, Via Calimala, 2, 50123 Florence. Such as. : +39 055093 6360.

Hotel Degli Oravi, a stopover for wine growing

The comfortable rooms and suites are somewhat antique but spacious, and ensure a comfortable stay. Dijli Arafi Hotel / Photo Press

over hereAppetizer, with Florence as the backdrop, on the roof, it is sacred. The menu offers a fine selection of Italian wines, including wines belonging to the royal family of Ormanni, who since 1818 have produced excellent wines, Chianti and others. During the recent restoration of the hotel, frescoes of the 12th century were found, which make it possible to establish the date of the building. And in the library, some books, some in French, allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the region. In the morning, the buffet breakfast served in the ballroom immerses you in the atmosphere of a 19th-century aristocratic residence. The comfortable rooms and suites are somewhat antique but spacious, and ensure a comfortable stay. Opt for those on the 3rd and 4th floors (perfect for 414) and for the ultimate quiet, the rooms at the back despite everything benefit, for some, a glimpse into the Campanile and other ruins. Paid parking, room starting from €290.

Hotel degli Orafi, Lungarno degli Archibusieri, 4, 50121 Firenze. Such as. : +39 055 26622.

Hotel Brunelleschi, an epicurean stop

This historic 4-star hotel has a very special atmosphere as the Duomo is a 50-metre walk away. Hotel Brunelleschi / Photo press

Built in the heart of a 4th-century Byzantine tower, Torre della Pagliazza, and medieval chapel, in strict respect for their architecture, Brunelleschi inspired Dan Brown, bestselling author The Da Vinci Code, which was quoted several times. This shows that this historic four-star hotel, with 96 rooms and suites, exudes a very special atmosphere as the Duomo is a 50-meter walk away, visible in the horizon behind the windows. An added advantage for carcass lovers is the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Le Santa Elisabetta in the tower, where the chef prepares traditional Tuscan, wild, sea, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Simpler, but excellent, Osteria Pagliazza, is best suited for lunches with family or friends. Excellence, a little crazy for a special stay. From € 390 per night.

Brunelleschi Hotel, Piazza Sant’Elisabetta, 3, 50122 Firenze. Such as. : +39 055 27370.

Historic Westin Excelsior Station

The Westin Excelsior has featured prominently in the Marriott Group portfolio, and has been reflected in the Arno for seven centuries. Westin/Photo Press

The Westin Excelsior has featured prominently in the Marriott Group portfolio, and has been reflected in the Arno for seven centuries. A magnificent five-star mansion with 171 rooms and suites, with completely different styles and furniture, numerous artworks, sculptures, paintings and frescoes, testify to its rich past. We choose our room, for its view and decor as per the period we appreciate. We climb of course for a cocktail, a snack or dinner in the roof garden … A restaurant with Mediterranean flavours, with a 360-degree panorama, living to the rhythm of the sun and the hours. With a sunset orange of course. Like all Florentine palaces, their prices are as high as their rooftop: from 600 euros per night.

Westin Excelsior Hotel, Piazza Ognissanti, 3, 50123 Firenze. Such as. : +39 055 2715.

Hotel Lungarno, art stop

When booking, we request a room with a terrace to enjoy the exclusive view selfishly. Hotel Lungarno / Photo Press

Brand new, completely renovated five years ago, the five-star Lungarno plays the chic nautical card, with white and blue trim evoking the image of a yacht sailing the Arno where it has been permanently installed for over fifty years. The living room on the water gives the impression of sailing. The owners are rightly proud of their collection of artwork, over 450 paintings in the hotel, some signed by Picasso and Cocteau (for the slightly chauvinistic French). Many of the 65 suites and rooms are dedicated to a single artist. When booking, we request a room with a terrace to enjoy the exclusive view selfishly. During his stay, we sat at Borgo San Jacopo, which has more than one Michelin star for it deserves. And yes, animals are also acceptable in this small museum. Living on a luxury yacht surrounded by artists at a high price starting from 680 euros with breakfast. But you only live once!

Hotel Lungarno, Borgo S. Jacopo, 14, 50 125 Florence. Such as. : +39 055 27261.

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