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5:00 PM, May 27, 2022

Here is the Community Collective forum about Sophie de Minton, President of the Ethic Organization: Liberalism is the guarantee for each of us for individual and collective economic development. In liberalism there is first and foremost the word “free”. To save our country, it is necessary to spread from school the pedagogy of individual responsibility as well as the basic economic and social principles. Liberalism is an integral part of the values ​​of democracy, but it has disappeared from the structure of our thinking.

Liberals want to enrich all citizens and not impoverish the rich, and for this it is necessary to escape only from the prevailing model of redistribution. This is a necessary condition for spreading entrepreneurship.

The sacrificial ambition of the presidential campaign

Liberalism is clearly the aspiration that has been sacrificed for this presidential campaign.

Recourse to the state, sometimes necessitated by special circumstances, is expanding infinitely, and with the generosity shown by all the wealthy candidates with the debts they so recklessly promise. Nothing can be done without the state. Thus, for the young people on the right, the creation of private banks was envisaged! As if our highly efficient banking system wasn’t enough to launch the right products. It is a daily lottery: the state compensates for our boiler, writes special checks at all costs, and feeds us, poorly, with bottle-aids that maintain instability and dissuade some from work …

In the face of this we must wake up, we citizens, we need a great rally of liberals, including all sensibilities. A non-political gathering, the gathering of individual businessmen, business leaders, craftsmen, doctors, professors, journalists, everyone…. To restore freedom and oxygen to our country. The principles of liberalism apply to all individual citizens responsible for the freedom of action, by combating the complexity of administrative guardianship.

Liberalism is not without faith or law, even if today it is necessary to incorporate the need for new rules of liberal ethics to solve the emerging problems that are proliferating in a rapidly developing world. It is the responsibility of employers’ unions and sectors of activity to work together to maintain ethics. This individual freedom means respect for freedom of expression and opinion, but also respect for the right to property, assets, ideas, production, patents, and industry constantly impeded by new restrictions; In short, everything that is the product of labor in all its forms, manually, intellectually and artistically.

The state is bound by the results, not the means

The strength of liberalism lies in perfect and perfect competition, which is an agent of progress. Everyone presents their project as the best and most efficient; But, with this freedom granted, the citizen must also be given responsibility, and this is the state of mind we have lost: neither responsible nor guilty.

In a liberal order, the state is bound by its sovereign functions: defense, security, and justice. Among the symptoms is the politicians’ refusal to even mention his duties during the presidential and legislative campaigns. Where do they start? Where do they end? It is necessary to determine what can be entrusted to the private sector. predatory state, being a manager when he only has to be a guarantor; Only the public sector will be trustworthy. On the other hand, the state can and should require codes of good conduct, subcontracting with strict controls by promoting whatever the private sector can do better and cheaper.

The state has an obligation to achieve results, not means. It is worth emphasizing this day for a better society. To adapt to the changing world in complete turmoil depends on research and entrepreneurship from the private sector, entrepreneurs and employees alike. It is essential to trust, encourage and not put up endless barriers as a preventative measure. Finally, it is important to distinguish between societal liberalism and economic liberalism: it must be an act of real thinking by a people who wants both a president of preventive upbringing and responsible emancipation.

The state is the great imagination that everyone strives to live in at everyone’s expense Frederic Bastiat Books. »

The group petition is available online here.


  • Sophie de Menton, President of ETHIC
  • Luke Ferry, philosopher, essayist and former minister
  • Patricia Palm, President of PB COM International
  • Patrick de Casanov, President of Cercle Frédéric Bastiat
  • Jerome Didian, President of Eres Group
  • Caroline de la Marnier, President of CapitalCom
  • Kristen Demissie, CD Consulting
  • Christian de Oleon, President of DGM Consulting
  • Thierry Drillon, co-founder of Agir pour le Coeur des Femmes and President of the British Chamber of Franco
  • Jean-Philippe Feldman, lawyer
  • Pierre Garillo, Journal of Liberties, President of the Institute of Economic Studies – Europe and University Professor (Aix-Marseille University)
  • Jean-Sebastien Fargo, founder of Atlantico, Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, founder of Entrepreneurs for the Republic
  • Luke Eric Crieff, spokesman for the Plastalians Syndicate
  • Sebastian Lay, Economist
  • David Lisnard, President of New Energy
  • Lok Le Floch-Prigent, President of the New Community OMP
  • Benjamin Liagre, Liagri Co-Chairman
  • Philip Louislet, Business Director
  • Ulrich Maurell, businessman
  • Hervé Novelli, former minister
  • Patrick Rowe, President of the Special Education Consortium
  • Jean-Marc Silvestre, Economist

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