Why master computers?

Why master computers?

Mastery is still unknown to the general public, and its mastery is gradually becoming very popular among professionals. This is a practice that consists of deploying a basic master designed upstream on all of the company’s machines, in order to customize and make them monolithic.

Mastering, if we may say so, is a process that allows you to shape computer tools so that they are suitable for your profession. Moreover, what are the other advantages of this practice?

Business tools for your industry

As mentioned above, mastery is deployment to multiple workstations for a personal master. This process, which is often performed by system administrators, makes it possible Clone a computer garden fairly quickly on all functions of the structure.

Moreover, in relation to the deployed fleet, it may be a master that the business manager has reconfigured and includes all the software and software for his business. Thus, once Masterization is implemented, the hardware will be able to meet the needs of all employees because it will offer a wide range of basic software for the sector of activity.

Speed ​​in establishing IT infrastructure

For a master deployment on multiple workstations, the administrator takes an empty upstream workstation on which he installs the operating system. After that, it goes to updates, installing important programs, as well as setting up various user settings.

After making all these changes to the system, the capture is sent from the hard disk to the server. In addition, when the capture is loaded to disk, the mastering process takes place automatically on all connected devices. Thus, the IT professional no longer has to walk around all the stations to do individual programming. Real time saving!

Make simultaneous changes to all workstations in the PC Garden

Make simultaneous changes to all workstations in the PC Garden
Make simultaneous changes to all workstations in the PC Garden

With an expert on the server, all the machines in the computer park can be modified simultaneously at any time. Thus, from the mother disk it is possible:

  • To make some functions effective;
  • remove programs that become unnecessary;
  • to perform simultaneous updates;
  • add program
  • To define and limit some access to employees in record time;
  • Locate or remove specific devices.

Moreover, using mastering technology, the administrator can remotely manage certain parameters such as response optimization, Autonomous Administration So that employees can have a fairly effective working tool.

Also, it is possible Saving Money with mastery. With this project, you can relieve your IT professional of repetitive tasks such as mass maintenance. This makes the task less difficult for professionals and more economical for you.

Coworker, the professionalism you need, but not only!

A coworker is an expert in mastering professionals. take care of supply of discs Designed to meet the specific requirements of each company. No matter how many devices you order, they come to you completely customized. Your employees will only have to use it immediately.

Moreover, Coworker is not only concerned with perfection. The company puts its expertise in the service of the client to support him in the various stages of the mastering project. In particular, to study the mobility of the environment, the selection of appropriate equipment and the implementation of comprehensive mastery. Likewise for tablets supplied to the company Offers a basic one-year warranty By combining and returning the location, but also Accidental Damage Warranty. Also, Coworker provides all these customers with continuous follow up by ensuring personalized maintenance of your products.

Additionally, for companies that already have their equipment in place, Coworker suggests modifying these existing standard models to make any new tool capable of meeting your requirements. However, remember that mastery is not Coworker’s only area of ​​expertise. The publishing expert also offers powerful tablets to boost productivity in the workplace. Also, what is a durable tablet?

Durable Tablet Advantages

The rugged tablet It is a technical innovation that provides professionals with a fairly durable and efficient working tool. This accessory presents, unlike standard shelves global connection. The hardened tablet already has a great performance that allows for unlimited insertion of peripherals. In addition, resisting the question, the hardened tablet beats all records. this device Resists dirt, vibration, thermal shock, pressure and drops. Also, unlike computers, the durable tablet can be used at very low temperatures such as -20°C and very high temperatures such as 60°C. Moreover, thanks to all these advantages, the durable tablet has a texture good durability Compared to standard models, not to mention the fact that the TCO is much lower

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