Why should companies try 5G today?

How does 5G emerge as a technological breakthrough?

Anna Jimenez – Private 5G is the age of machines! This technology makes it possible to exchange a huge amount of data with very low latency, which opens a whole range of possibilities for companies in terms of applications. In industry, for example, it takes automation to a higher level: the use of autonomous mobile robots; Intelligent video surveillance systems intended for product quality control or real-time and automated verification of teams wearing personal protective equipment. In ports and airports, the private 5G network eliminates many dead zones. In the field of health, its ability to transmit large amounts of data facilitates remote consultations, but also digitally supported operations thanks to virtual reality glasses.

So it is an essential tool for corporate transformation…

Moreover, it is an essential tool to transform our entire economy. With the COVID-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, and skills shortages, it is necessary to rethink our production methods and ways of working. The goals that companies pursue are numerous: more local manufacturing, gains in competitiveness, supply chain optimization, resource savings … Thanks to private 5G, production centers are becoming more flexible: machines can be easily moved thanks to wireless technology, but also the organization of operations to increase the line Production or performing predictive maintenance… all this simply and at a lower cost.

What is private 5G and what are its benefits?

It’s a super-fast network dedicated to a company that has complete control over it. Manages all access, for added security. They can scale and configure their networks according to their concrete needs, priorities and the technologies they want to implement (automation, robotics, etc.). The company benefits from the full customization of its network with the ability to change it over time, without having to ask for authorization as is sometimes the case with a public network. Being able to fully control their network and their performance is a key topic for many organizations, including airports, ports, factories, campuses, or any area that can operate autonomously, while requiring superior connectivity.

Anna Jimenez – Verizon Business Development PartnerVerizon

How can edge computing be separated from private 5G networks to improve business performance?

Simply put, cutting edge computing is like a brain that will process the data passing through the private 5G network. This data does not leave the company (providing more security, reducing transportation costs, etc.) and the time for its processing is significantly reduced. Another plus: bots and other connected devices don’t have to include as many technologies as in the past as the ‘intelligence’ that leads them is migrated to the on-premises cloud. Less complex, therefore less expensive while having very high capabilities.

Are these techniques suitable for all businesses, regardless of size?

Yes, because it is about responding to the necessary transformation. The topic is not so much technology as it is business itself. Before asking the question of what means will be implemented, the company must define its needs and strategy. This is why we always think with our clients about the use cases, the roadmap to follow and the target return on investment. We can continue with proof-of-concept before validating the technology solution. But one thing is certain: Companies must take care of 5G now, figuring out its tangible applications for relevance as quickly as possible, before their competitors take over.

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